Skincare Checklist!

Skincare Checklist! Book Now DERMA BRIGHT CLINIC – SKIN CARE CHECKLIST The following is a list of things you can do to achieve your best and brightest skin (in no particular order)! 1. Eat the right foods – vegetables/fruits, protein, & limit processed foods; eat organic where you can 2. Test yourself for food sensitivities and …

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Bemer Benefits

Bemer Benefits Book Now We are excited to announce that December marks the introduction of a brand new technology to the clinic,  BEMER, (Bio Electro Magnetic Energy Regulation). This is a PELF (pulsed electromagentic field) device that helps with a number of health-related concerns including cancer, diabetes, chronic fatigue and even skin issues such as acne. …

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Fighting the Fall Blues

Fighting the Fall Blues Book Now Fall in Vancouver is always a time of dramatic changes with weather, nature and ourselves taking on new cycles of progression. I quite like the changes that come with the seasons, at least the first few weeks, as in the fall when the temperature starts to dip, leaves start …

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