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Our passion is helping our clients achieve healthy bright skin! Our focus is skin care: Anti-aging & Acne. We customize our professional treatments with a knowledgeable facialists & leading edge, non-invasive technology!

A Little About Us!

I started Derma Bright Clinic in 2012 after embarking on a journey of health and wellness that began in 2003, after the birth of my son. As part of this health journey and to improve my overall health, I was visiting a holistic doctor and had some basic tests done, including a heavy metals test. That test showed I had off-the-charts lead in my body! I was stunned! Where did it come from?

As I was doing research on lead poisoning I won a book from the David Suzuki Foundation entitled “Not Just a Pretty Face – The Ugly Side of the Beauty Industry” by Stacy Malkan of the EWG. This book pointed to cosmetics and beauty products containing harmful and unhealthy ingredients including lead in lipstick! This infuriated me! How could these companies create such toxic products??

Through a series of events soon thereafter I found myself in front of the esthetic devices we now use. They helped me with my melasma (brown spots on my face), a result of my pregnancy, getting rid of it without the need for any more treatments. Between these two events, I decided to create a skin care business that treats skin using the best non-invasive skin care technology while educating people around the responsible use of personal care, skincare and beauty products. Derma Bright Clinic is a result of this journey!

In 2016 I wrote “Face Your Acne”, available on Amazon, and we launched My Skin Salon where we educate about and sell clean skincare products. I am also known as the Queen of Living Clean, and use this as a platform to speak, write and hold workshops & retreats sharing with others how to “Clean Up Your Life!”

In 2015 our physician co-tenants moved and I decided to bring in other like-minded wellness practitioners under the guise of Holistica Wellness and offer or own as well as other wellness services.

Over the last several years I have authored and collaborated on 7 books, all available on MySkinSalon.com. And in 2022 I launched SimplyDivineRetreats.com, where I host workshops and retreats in Canada and internationally. My first international retreat was in Koh Phangan Island, Thailand in February 2023.  

I have contributed to my community through my (2017-2022) elected role as a School Trustee and Vice Chair with the Vancouver School Board. In June 2022 I was elected to the Board of the Beauty Council where I served as the Secretary Treasurer. In 2024 I was re-elected and named as Board Chair.

My passion is helping people live their best lives while feeling and looking great. Derma Bright Clinic is one way we do this, and we make great efforts to provide a caring, healing and healthy environment sharing our wisdom to help our clients achieve their best and brightest skin and overall improved wellbeing!

Love and light,


Owner, Derma Bright Clinic

Our Mission

We want to help the world achieve youthful, healthy and bright skin! With a focus on Anti-aging and Acne, we offer a holistic skin care approach using professionals, leading edge, non-invasive technology and clean, treatment-oriented skin care products and services!

Our Vision

We are a leading skin care service provider incorporating advanced non-invasive technology, services, products, sustainable practices and above-standard service.

Our Values


We believe in providing an experience which contributes to the overall well-being of our clients. We are also taking a stand against the use of harmful ingredients in cosmetic & beauty products and are on a mission to educate and assist our clients in making sound choices when it comes to purchasing skincare products.


We believe we have to change our ways when it comes to how we use our earth. With this in mind we employ sustainable practices and use only what we need, focusing on clean, natural, sometimes organic and chemical-free products and buying local whenever we can. Some other practices include using organic Bamboo towels, biodegradable aesthetic gauze and eco-friendly cleaning supplies to keep treatment rooms and equipment sanitary and safe.


We support our local community by buying local first, affiliating with other local businesses and supporting local and international charities focused on children and women. We aim for a triple bottom line approach that includes sound economic, social and environmental practices. We have and currently support the following charities through volunteering and donations:

  • Child Foundation
  • Kiva
  • World Vision
  • Vancouver Food Bank
  • Various local charities


We look for innovation in all aspects of our business, from our technology and devices to the services we provide. We recognize our clients are savvy and knowledgeable when it comes to life and we want to honour that by offering them unique services;


We do what we say and do it with conviction, strength and passion;


We treat people with respect, dignity and the way we want to be treated;


We are passionate and committed to delivering service that is second to none.

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