When to see a Dermatologist or an Aesthetician

When to see a Dermatologist or an Aesthetician

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Did you know that there can be up to a year’s wait list to see a Dermatologist in BC?

That is a startling fact. What can people do in the meantime? I thought I would point out some of the differences between an Aesthetician versus a Dermatologist and when an Aesthetician is worth a visit.

To give an overview, Dermatologists are doctors who can write prescriptions and people generally go to them when they have chronic skin issues such as cancer, lesions, severe acne or the like. Aestheticians provide services such as facials, and provide instruction on lifestyle habits and nutrition, home care routines, products and skin care tips. I believe the two can actually compliment each other very well.

Some of the other differences include:

  1. Aestheticians will usually start by taking a detailed skin care history and lifestyle assessment from the client. This information will be used to determine the skin type and skin challenges and delve into recent changes that could be disrupting your skin such as hormone issues, pregnancy, stress, etc. A visit with the Dermatologist will generally centre only on the presenting issue such as unusual skin lesions and they rarely delve into your health history.
  2. Generally it is best to make a commitment to see your Aesthetician on a monthly basis to aid your skin in looking its best. A Dermatologist is generally seen when there is an issue. Regular treatments from your Aesthetician will help you keep your skin looking youthful, provide progressive skin results (e.g. brown spots, texture issues), and help your skin retain moisture, unplug pores and provide life and radiance. Your skin changes on a regular basis due to such things as seasons, diets, stress, age and others. There are times it needs a pick-me-up!
  3. Aestheticians have a lot of information on skin care products and their ingredients, and can make recommendations on the best skin care routine. Dermatologists generally recommend prescription medications, many of which can have side effects, some harmful. It is hard to believe that there are Dermatologists who still recommend Accutane as an Acne fix when it is has countless lawsuits due to its hazardous effects.
  4. Aestheticians can give great advice on a more holistic approach to getting great skin. This can include lifestyle, diet, exercise and stress management advice as well as recommendations on a home care routine. Dermatologists will generally just focus on the issue at hand and little else.
  5. You will most likely form a professional relationship with your Aesthetician, who will be someone you can usually count on to provide ongoing advice and counsel on the state of your skin. To see a Dermatologists you generally need a referral from your family physician and you will see a Dermatologist only if there is a skin-related concern. They can often be very difficult to get into see and have a long wait period.

Most Aestheticians will provide a complementary skin care assessment. This is a great thing to do if it has been a long time since you have seen an Aesthetician. Take some time for yourself to have your skin checked out professionally. Often Aestheticians will pick up on skin abnormalities and will recommend you see a Dermatologist if it looks really suspicious. As with everything, do your research if you are looking for a new Aesthetician. Have a look at their credentials, training and read reviews and testimonials. It pays to do your homework and when you are ready, book your complimentary assessment and then decide if the recommendations fit your budget and skin care goals!

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