Venus & Adonis Self Care Club!

At Derma Bright Clinic we offer a Monthly Self Care Membership Club for Women and Men, designed to help you take care of yourself!

For $85 a month you may choose one of three services offered including:

  • 60 Minute Technical Facial
  • 60 Minute Massage
  • 60 Minutes of Waxing

Of all the services we offer, we feel these three offers the best experiences for our clients in terms of achieving overall health and well-being! You can also change the service from month to month and you can book a second service for $65 and a third for only $55! Plus members get 10% off retail products!!

How does the Venus & Adonis Monthly Membership Club work?

Your Membership includes:

  • Once a month you may choose one of three services: a customized 60-minute Relaxation Massage, a 60-minute Technical Facial or 45 minutes of waxing;
  • Additional unlimited massages and facials at low membership rates, and
  • 10% Discount on all retail products and specialty services such as Oxygeneo and Icon Laser/IPL

Monthly Choice of 1 of 3 services:
~ 60 Min Massage
~ 60 Min Facial
~ 60 Min Waxing
$85 #2: $75
#3: $65
In same month
$75 /
Monthly 2 Hour Massage $115 $95 Walk-in $175
One-time Purchase
(12 sessions)
Choice of 1 of 3 services:
~ 60 Min Massage
~ 60 Min Facial
~ 60 Min Waxing
$899 $55 Walk-in: $100
Monthly 1.5 Hour Massage $95 $75 Walk-in: $140

Here is the breakdown on how it works:

  • Each month your credit card is charged on the date of your choice $85 plus GST fee and entitles you to one of three services as mentioned above;
  • You may purchase additional services as outlined below

What Types of Massage are offered?

Our massages are based on a Customized Relaxation type massage. Additional Massages are available for an extra charge and these include:

  • Hot Stone Massage ($10 extra)
  • Crystal Massage ($10 extra)
  • Reiki Treatment ($10 extra)

Please note that we DO NOT offer Registered Massage Therapy (RMT) type massages as part of this program. 

What Types of Facials are Offered?

Our Facials are technical in nature and are based on time. We generally work with what is presenting and therefore do what we feel is necessary, after consulting with the client. This can include things like extractions, exfoliation, and the use of machines such as LED, Micro-current, microdermabrasion, Ultrasound or Oxygen.


Any unused 1-hour membership sessions carry over from month-to-month. Members can split the services in order to pay for sessions with half-hour intervals (e.g. 2 x 30-minute for a 1 hour massage session).

You may share one membership service massage per month with a friend or family member for a transfer fee of only $10 per service (same recipient may enjoy one transferred massage every six months by the same member).

Refer a friend and if they become a member you will receive a FREE 1-hour session of your choice for your use or someone you gift it to!

  • There may be times when you would like to freeze your membership due to extenuating circumstances such as extended illness, lengthy vacation or temporary relocation. When a membership is frozen, a member may not use his/her membership benefits or accrued membership services for the duration of the freeze period.
  • A minimum of one membership payment must have been made before a membership is eligible to be frozen.
    You may freeze your membership for a minimum of 30 days and a maximum of half of your original membership term. For example, a member with a twelve month membership term may freeze their membership for up to six months. Only six and twelve month memberships can be frozen.
  • Memberships may be unfrozen at any time at least 30 days after the start of the freeze or will automatically re-commence on the pre-determined freeze end date. At the end of the membership freeze term, your dues will continue with your next scheduled payment date. Please note that you must be a member for at least 30 days before you may freeze your membership.
  • A membership must be unfrozen a minimum of 30 days before it can be frozen again.
  • Your membership expiration date will be extended by the amount of time that your membership was frozen. Terms, conditions, rules and regulations of the original Membership Agreement continue to apply through the extended membership term. To initiate a freeze, simply complete the Membership Freeze Request Form.

Notes About Your Membership

  • A 1-hour session consists of a 50-minute massage/facial and time for consultation and changing. Members are required, per the Membership Agreement, to notify us in writing of any change in credit card or account information on file prior to the next payment date. Payment Authorization Forms are available at Reception.
  • Members are also required, per the Membership Agreement, to notify us in writing of any change of address.
  • You have the entire length of your membership to use your membership services as long as your account is not frozen and in good standing. Any unused services will expire should you elect to cancel or not to renew your membership.
  • The Venus and Adonis Monthly Memberships are non-transferable.
  • Membership offerings are auto-renewable. At the end of the initial term of membership, your monthly dues will automatically renew on a month-to-month basis unless you have elected otherwise on the Membership agreement.
  • We are not responsible for lost or stolen articles or items.
  • We reserve the right to change clinic rules, regulations, and pricing at any time upon providing reasonable notice.
  • You agree to follow our rules and regulations. We have the right to refuse or discontinue service for any reason.

How can I cancel my membership?

Cancellation during initial term

You may cancel your Membership Agreement during the initial term of your membership upon the following conditions:

  • You change your permanent residence to a location more than 25 miles from our location. Cancellations must be accompanied by written proof (i.e. driver’s license, utility bill, car insurance, etc.)
  • Permanent disability as established with the submission of a letter from your doctor.
  • Once you have been approved for cancellation you will be relieved from making payment for membership dues.

Cancellation during auto-renewal term

  • You may cancel your membership upon 30-day advance written notice to us.

Appointment Cancellation Policy

  • You may cancel your appointment without charge anytime before the close of business on the business day preceding your appointment.
  • Same day cancellations will be charged 50% of the scheduled service price.
  • If you do not call to cancel your appointment or do not show up for your scheduled appointment, you will be charged full price for the scheduled service.
  • Please arrive at least ten minutes before your scheduled appointment time in order to ensure a full session.
  • We provides services for everyone however, we do make some special considerations for those under the age of 18 (for Massage).

This policy will not supersede any local regulations regarding the provision of massage and aesthetic services to minors.

  • We do not provide massage services to minors under the age of twelve (12).
  • We do not provide facial services to minors under the age of twelve (12), unless the parent or guardian provides a physician’s note documenting the need for service. A copy of that note shall be kept in the minor’s file. It is the responsibility of the aesthetician to determine the appropriate facial protocol for the minor keeping in mind the strength of the products used.
  • A parent/guardian of any child under 16 must provide written permission via our Intake Form prior to the minor receiving any service. The form must be signed and dated by the parent/guardian in the presence of a staff member, and the staff member observing the completion of the form must also sign and date the form.
  • Children ages 12-14 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian at all times while in the clinic.
  • We highly recommend that minors be scheduled with the same gender therapist; however, a parent/guardian may request a female therapist for a male minor. A female minor may not receive a massage from a male therapist even if the parent requests it.

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