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Best LPG Treatment Vancouver

*LPG Technology from France is here!

*We have one of the leading anti-aging machines and procedures from Europe, the LPG Cellu M6 Integral and the newest version, the Alliance, both featuring LPG Lipomassage and Endermolift. For more information on these fine machines please go to our Technology page! This technology is used in over 30,000 clinics in France alone!

*LPG offers our clients both 100% natural and effective face and body treatments. Book a consult today to find out which would be best for you!

*Want proof? Here is Trainer to the Stars, Gunnar Peterson talking about how he recommends his clients use LPG:
*Results may vary

LipoMassage Vancouver – For Body Treatments

*LPG Lipomassage B+A
*LPG Lipomassage B+A
*LPG Lipomassage B+A

*Above Before and Afters, notice: smoother skin, lessened orange peel, slimmer thighs (outer and inner), and a flatter tummy.
*Results may vary

DescriptionSessions / RatePrice
LPG Lipomassage: Regular price Single Session $160
6 week
package or maintenance
3 month package 20
6 month package 30
12 month package 40
LPG Express Single Session
Express 10 ($89/session)
Express 20 ($83/session)
Express 30 ($79/session)
Express 40 ($75/session)
LPG Evaluation 45 min $120
Best LPG Vancouver

LPG Endermolift – For Face Treatments

For the face, the Endermolift comes in treatments starting at 15 minutes:

  • 10 Minutes: Express $40 each
  • 15 Minutes: $60 each or a package of 400 minutes @ $1400 (save $200!)
  • 20 Minutes: $80 each or package of 600 minutes @ $1950 (save $450!)
  • 30 Minutes: $120 each or package of 800 minutes @ $2400 (save $800!)

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