Queen of Living Clean

In 2017, Estrellita launched her alter ego, the Queen of Living Clean. This persona was created to offer a framework for sharing information about ways to detoxify our lives, to lessen the toxic load on our bodies so that we can be in a better state of well-being. This program came out of Estrellita’s own health scare with lead in 2011. Since that scare she has learned a lot about ways to mitigate toxic stress and she has taken this information to create programs that include workshops, coaching and assessments. As a wellness educator Estrellita is passionately helping others be happier and healthier!


Estrellita offers in-person and online (Zoom or Skype) coaching. Her rates are $75 per 30-minutes. She is CRG-certified and offers the CRG Health and Stress Assessment test for an additional $50. This is a great test to take to give you a baseline view of your current health status. Estrellita offers a complimentary 15-minute Discovery call if you are interested in learning more. Please call 604.259.8757!

Workshop Information

Workshops are available for corporate events such as lunch n learns as well as specialty events including cruise ship talks, retreats, workshops put on by others,  etc. There are three to choose from:

1. Clean Up Your Life: A 1-hour info session great for getting basic info on the 12 areas to look at in relation to living a cleaner lifestyle. This program is suitable for consumers or corporate lunch n learns.

2. How Well is Your Being?: A 4-hour workshop which builds on the 12 areas outlined in Clean Up Your Life. This workshop drills down deeper into ways to mitigate the toxic stress areas and will allow participants to leave with a blueprint for their wellness.

3. Face Your Acne: Based on Estrellita’s best selling 2016 book “Face Your Acne“, she offers a workshop and/or info session designed for teens, which outlines 10 holistic ways to heal acne.

Next Workshops

Please contact Estrellita on 604.259.8757 if you have any questions or are interested in booking these programs.

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