2016 Skin Care Trends to look for!

2016 Skin Care Trends to look for!

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Well let’s see what is in store for us in 2016! The following is a list compiled by Skin Inc online magazine on the top ten anticipated trends in skincare and well-being. I have listed a summary of each and comments, where appropriate, as to how we at Derma Bright Clinic (DBC) are planning or have integrated them!

1. Workplace Wellness:  Apparently is “on the brink of explosion”! At the recent Global Wellness Summit held in Mexico City there was research mentioned supporting this (it will be released this month). Spafinder Wellness 365 predicts that wellness will be a mainstay in both the corporate and blue collar worlds. Why? It is proven to reduce absenteeism, and improve productivity!

Comments: As a former Human Resources director in the corporate world, I have been talking about this for years! It is common sense really, a healthy employee is a happier and more productive employee. If companies promote this on the job, employees will be happier and more engaged, which means higher productivity rates, less absenteeism and of course, in the end, higher profits. Here are Derma Bright Clinic, we offer Corporate wellness initiatives including lunch n learns and on site treatments such as massage, nutritional counselling and soon, testing!

2. Cannabis in the Spa: Well who didn’t see this one coming! With the prolific legalization of marijuana in Canada and USA it will no doubt become mainstream where possible. And in spas, well, there are wellness applications in the forms of medicinal oils (think massage).

Comments: With the healing properties of the non-digested or smoked marijuana expect to see new topical products on the market soon enough. Here are DBC we will soon be adding a massage lotion infused with tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) to assist with pain relief and reduce inflammation.

3. Multi-masking: As the name implies, this is related to using a number of different kinds of masks at the same time to treat different conditions.

Comments: We apply this principle to the way we handle our overall approach to providing professional skincare services. We created our Time Block format this year in order to offer clients an array of services that are suitable for them in order to address their needs as they are presenting at that particular moment. Because no two people are the same, no treatment protocol can be identical. We tailor each treatment to the client, and this is unique!

4. Instant International Inspiration: Drawing inspiration from international spa practices is gaining popularity. Examples include “forest bathing” a Japanese practice that involves walking through a forest in a more meditative state in order to enjoy the sounds and smells of this space; this technique evidently has medicinal benefits as an immune system booster. Look out for ancient beauty practices from Asia and the Middle East to infiltrate spa menus the world over.

Comments: I am inspired by a myriad of things so I am sure at some point we will look to incorporate well-being practices from other cultures. This past year we welcomed a Reiki practitioner as well as an Aromatherapist offering custom massages to our space so we are certainly offering our clients more services to choose from!

5. Wellness-focused Travel: According to Spafinder Wellness 365, wellness travel is growing with travelers willing to pay for high-quality and an array of services including mineral springs, alternative medicine and spiritual healing gaining momentum.

Comments: This is directly related to the overall wellness movement. More people will add spa treatments to their travel experiences. Here in Vancouver we can show off our clean practices around skincare lines (eg Whistler Naturals) while focusing on local ingredients, think the ocean! Many of these travelers also want to support companies who are engaging in responsible environmental and social practices, something we believe in as well as in our support of local charities in the form of donations of time, money and gift certificates.

6. Spa Subscriptions: There is a growing trend to offer subscription type services e.g. monthly packages that will allow clients to truly make their skin and overall wellbeing a monthly priority.

Comments: We are big believers in this as we feel strongly that our services are not a luxury but a necessity. Why? Our lives today are way more stressful than ever. Technology and pollution in their own way contribute to stress and toxicity in our bodies. In the name of self care, commit to a subscription which will keep you committed to yourself and who better! We offer a monthly massage membership at $65 or Facial membership at $75 – what a deal!

7. Spas in the App Store: Major beauty brands have found clever ways of engaging consumers through the development of virtual apps. Look for this to carry over to Spas and skincare facilities this year.

Comments: Although we don’t have our own App here at DBC, we do have an online booking system, MindBodyOnline, and it offers a consumer App that our clients can download for free and stay connected with us re bookings, etc. Expect to see more and more technology enter the skincare sector. We are also launching a Virtual Assessment this year to connect with consumers in remote areas who cannot see professionals locally. This will allow us to recommend skincare products and services and the client benefits from working with a knowledgeable;le expert!

8. Adopting Halotherpay: What is this? It is dry salt therapy which offers many health benefits including respitory and skin. Many spas are now offering this service in the form of salt rooms and dry salt therapy sessions.

Comments: Not something we will be adding but we use salt in our body scrubs as it is a great exfoliator and good for the skin!

9. The Use of Demographics is over: Consumers are creating their own unique identities so the one size fits all model does not cut it anymore. Technology has changed a lot of thins including how consumers show and look for information.

Comments: This goes along with my comments above under #3. Personalization is the way and we are doing this in a big way!

10. Demanding Natural: Many women, over 50% in the USA, want natural ingredients in their skincare.

Comments: I believe this 100% and it is why I committed from the first day to work with products that were 100% natural, vegan, paraben free, etc. This is a mindset and it has to do with my philosophy which is that great skin starts from inside. Healthy living including what we put on and in our body will help our skin long-term. At DBC our core lines, especially Whistler Naturals and Suntegrity Sun care products, are true testaments to this commitment. If you are in doubt of your skincare’s ingredients go to the Skin Deep Database web site and see how your skincare stacks up!

It is going to be an awesome year! We thank all our clients and look forward to seeing you this year!

Referenced from Skin Inc.: http://www.skininc.com/spabusiness/trends/Top-10-Professional-Skin-Care-Trends-for-2016-361242501.html

Derma Bright Clinic, refining skin care to bright out your best and brightest skin!

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