Body Programs

Derma Bright Clinic offers an array of body programs and services including stretch mark removal, as well as Body Scrub, Wrap, Sauna Blanket, Massage and specialized slimming, fat and cellulite reduction treatments using the LPG!

More in depth information on Packages available here. 

Cellulite, Lymphatic Drainage & Fat Reduction

One of the biggest problem areas for women is fat and cellulite. We offer the LPG technology from France to reduce visible signs of cellulite and fat.

For over 30 years it has been a proven cellulite buster with over 30,000 clinics in France offering this non-invasive treatment, known as a lifestyle in France. See LPG Treatment for in depth pricing and information. 

Lipomassage (Body)
60 min $120 - $160
LPG Lipomassage
60 min $1500 - $4800
LPG Express
30 min $1260 - $2200

Body Massage Vancouver

*Our Body services program is designed to complete our focus on skin. Skin, our largest organ, is impacted by so many things, and we have made it our mission at Derma Bright Clinic to help our clients achieve healthy, bright skin, from head to toe. With our selection of body scrub, wrap, sauna blanket and massage services we are able to provide a relaxing, soothing and rejuvenating experience for your whole body! 

Our Body services include the following:

*Body Scrubs, Wraps & Combos

Body Scrub 30 min $70
Body Wrap 15 min $60
Body Scrub &
Wrap Combo
45 min $120

*Body Massage – Esalen, Relaxation & Reiki

Relaxation –
30 minutes
30 min $55
Relaxation –
60 minutes
60 min $110
Reiki 30 min $60
Esalen Massage75min
Sauna Blanket30min$35
Try our Venus & Adonis Self Care
Membership program!
60 min $85 per month

*Body Massage, Scrub & Wrap Packages

Massage offers an array of benefits and when working with clean, exfoliated skin it has even more pronounced benefits. We use a professional grade cream for massages along with organic essential oils and highly effective scrub and wrap ingredients. 

Package of all 3
with 30-min massage
90 min $155
Package of all 3
with 60-min massage
120 min $185

Slimming & Nutrition Packages

*Through affiliation with Molly Lee of Energizing Nutrition, and other Nutritionists, we are able to offer a variety of Nutrition and Weight management programs.  

Molly’s programs include:

  • *Special $50 Introductory 60-minute Holistic Health and Nutrition Session ($175 value)
  • Standard Introductory session is $175 for a 50-minute session
  • Success Package:
    • 6 session package = $1025 ($25 savings)
    • 12 session package = $2000 ($100 savings)

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