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At Derma Bright Clinic our specialty is the Facial!

We began our business in 2012 focusing simply on the face and specifically the technical facial using specialized technology. Over the years we have grown our offerings to included expanded technology and effective product lines.

Today we offer two primary types of Facials: Product-based Facials using products lines we love and Technical Facials

For Product-based Facials we have partnered with Derme and their Nelly deVuyst line as we love their shared commitment to Sustainability and Eco and COSMOS organic certifications coupled with innovative product ingredients. They are a Canadian brand and manufacture in Canada, also important for us to support Canadian companies. 

If you love the more traditional type Facial that is focused on ingredients   more than Technology then you will love these Facials. All our facials start with an intake process followed by a thorough consultation. We offer the following Product-based Facials:

Nelly deVuyst Product Line:
Cosmos Ecocert Organic Facial60$155
Men’s Facial60$155
Acne Rosacea Facial60$155
Rosacea Facial60$155
Sensitive Skin Facial60$155
iS Clinical: Fire & Ice Facial, One of Hollywood’s favourite facials, experience the intense sensation of the Resurfacing Masque (Fire) and the Rejuvenating Masque (Ice). A clinically active treatment system designed to rapidly resurface the skin, reducing fine lines & wrinkles, smoothing, softening and encouraging cellular renewal!60$155
Add Eye Treatment: Upgrade any Facial to treat your eyes!10$10

For those who love technology and all the innovation that comes with that, then you will love our Technical Facials!

What is a technical facial? 

It is a focus on pro-aging, acne or other skin issues using non-invasive technology i.e. Endermolift, LED light / Oxygen, Micro-currentMicro-dermbrasionUltrasound and Radio Frequency coupled with well-trained Skin Care Technicians and effective, active professional products.

*We know that no one client is the same so we developed our Technical Facials as a bespoke facial that caters to a skin concern. We book a preferred time slot which allows our Facialists to create a facial unique to each client.

*How does it work?  

You choose the time frame that works for your budget and time (beginning at 30 minutes), and we do what we need to do in that time to reach your skincare goals! You can let us know ahead of time what your skin issues are.

*All Technical Facials include:

  • An Intake Form upon arrival;
  • A personalized skin care consultation before each treatment to ensure the best service and outcome;
  • The Technical Facial is a bespoke subjective treatment and the Facialist employs a number of methods including but not limited to: cleansing, toner, exfoliation, extractions, serum application, moisturizer, peels and mineral powder or SPF application for sun protection;
  • Lifestyle coaching;
  • Use of technology including our Oxylight, Oxygeneo or LPG machine; the modalities can include Micro-current, OxygenUltrasoundMicro-dermabrasion, RF, Endermolift or LED light;
  • Products used are generally Eltraderm, iS Clinical, Alumier or Clayton Shagal.
Technical Facial 30 min $95
Technical Facial 45 min $120
Technical Facial 60 min $145
Technical Facial 75 min $170
Technical Facial 90 min $195
Technical Facial 105 min $220
Technical Facial 120 min $245

*We have additional treatments for the Face including:

*Specialty Facials

We also offer specialized Facials which target particular body areas and/or use Nelly de Vuyst, Alumier, Eltraderm, RGR or iS Clinical line of products. These include:

2 in 1 Anti Aging Facial75$185
Back Facial60$145
Fanny Facial: Our neglected bottom can have a lot of issues including pimples. We use LED and exfoliation!45$120
Fanny Facial with LED: as above plus 15minutes added LED60$145
Fanny Facial & Lift: As above & add the LPG express Butt program to tone & lift.60$145
First Facial: ideal for teens needing to learn about skincare and home care routines60$109
Men’s Technical Facial60$145
Non-Surgical Facelift: Gommage, 30min Endermolift + 15min Radio Frequency60$155
Teen Facial: for 19 years old & under60$109
Add-on: Machines Ultrasound, Micro-current, Oxygen, LED, Micro-dermabrasion10-20$25
Add Eye Treatment: Upgrade any Facial to treat your eyes!10$10
*Before exfoliant application
*During application of Exfoliant

*Results may vary

The above treatment protocol: Exfoliation followed by LED light. Notice the even tone, diminished redness, pimples and oiliness as well as generally tighter looking skin.

Why have a Technical Facial?

*Facials are the best for healthy, bright skin! They are a very important part of a skincare routine and have many benefits, including:

  • *Deep cleansing, exfoliation, and circulation plus reduce pore size;
  • *Lymph movement and healthy product infusion;
  • *Aestheticians can offer skincare counselling and education during a session, and
  • *A really fabulous benefit is relaxation!
For best results we recommend our clients commit to monthly facials. Your face is the first thing people see so treat it special and invest in its care! We offer a Monthly Membership, the Venus & Adonis Club that includes one choice of three services a month including a Facial!

Peels / Exfoliation

*A peel and exfoliation are an important part of a skin care regimen. We offer several types of peels including medical-grade or chemical peels as well as herbal peel Alex, ZK Peel and PQ Face or Glass Peel.

Depending on one’s skin type, a peel can be applied 2 to 6 times a year and will help a variety of skin issues including brown spots, fine lines, scarring, large pores, uneven texture and toning. At Derma Bright Clinic we offer two kinds of peels: the medical-grade AlumierMD, Promo Italia’s ZK and PQ Face, and the Alex Peel from Germany, which is a herb-based system with three strengths. Our peels offer effective results and are provided by experienced, knowledgeable staff.

Alumier BHA 20 – Acne45$145
Alumier Glow Peel – Brightening45$145
Alumier Renew 30 – Anti-aging45$145
Pink Intimate: From Italy, helps to brighten the most delicate areas of the body, including under arms, nipples, armpits, bikini area., etc..30$150
V Carbon: From Italy, anti aging peel brightens, purifies & detoxifies skin by stimulating collagen growth, improving skin texture & clearing pores
Face & Neck


ZK Peel: From Italy, unique facial peel great for renewing skin structures & nourishing skin in depth. 45$150
PQ Age Glass Peel: From Italy, a trichloroacetic acid balanced with urea peroxide, which can stimulate the regeneration of the deep layers of the dermis, slightly affecting the epidermis 45$250

At Derma Bright Clinic, we also offer the Alex Peel range of services performed by Irene!

Alex Beauty Peel – a freshen up type peel$200
Alex C Peel – Moderate $275
Alex C Peel – Deep $500
Anti Aging Treatment

Special Packages

See Package page for Special package pricing


Derma Bright Clinic offers an array of Aesthetic services including Pedicures, Medi-pedis, Threading, Eye Treatments, and Waxing:

* Threading

From $10.

*Pedicures and Medi Pedi’s

Pedicure $55

*Eye Treatments

Eye Brow shaping,
tweezing & scissors
30 $25
Eye Lash Tint 30 $30
Eye Brow Tint 15 $15
Lash & Brow Tint 30 $40
Brow Tint & Shaping 30 $35
Lash & Brow Tint
with Brow Shaping
45 $50


Brow 15 $20
Upper Lip 15 $16
Upper Lip & Chin 20 $25
Sides of Face & Neck 15 $25
Whole Face (Brows, Sides,
Upper Lip, & Jaw)
30 $50
Under Arms 15 $20
Whole Arms 30 $35
Whole Arms &
Under Arms
30 $40
1/2 Arm 20 $25
Bikini 15 $35
Brazilian Bikini /
Full Monty
30 $50
Buttocks 15 $20
Whole Legs
(No Bikini)
45 $90
Whole Legs
+ Regular Bikini
45 $95
Whole Legs & Brazilian /
Full Monty - Women
60+ $140
Knee Up
(No Bikini)
30 $35
Knee Up
+ Bikini
30 $45
Knee Up
+ Brazilian
30 $55
Knee Down 15 $35
Chest or Back 30 $40
Shoulders 15 $15
Chest, Back
& Shoulders
30 $50
Chin / Jaw 10 15
Half Face:
Sides & Neck
20 30
Sides of Face 10 15
Men: Whole legs +
full Monty + Buttocks
60+ 180
Men: Full Monty
+ Buttocks
45 90
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