Ten Tips to get your Skin ready for the BIG Event!

Ten Tips to get your Skin ready for the BIG Event!

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10 Tips to get your skin ready for your BIG event!

Our lives are busy and there are always special events that come up such as weddings, graduation and awards season. To help get your skin ready for your big day, here are some suggestions of things you can start doing now!

  1. Professional peels / exfoliation: So exfoliation is probable the best thing you can do for your skin any time! You can look at it as a way to peel your way to a smooth face; peels are the quickest way to get red carpet ready skin! At Derma Bright Clinic, our Fire and Ice Facial is wonderful! It really flushes out the skin and gets rid of fine lines and evens out skin tone. When you follow it with LED light, it brings down inflammation and stimulates collagen and elastin production. You will look bright and be glowing for miles!
  2. You are what you eat: I always say that your skin is a reflection of your health. Skin needs vitamins and nutrients to achieve health and a glow from within. Eating your vegetables, especially your greens will help to oxygenate your skin, encourage lymphatic drainage, and keep you de-puffed and glowing from within.
  3. Night before prep:  The night before your event do a mask and if you can, sleep in it! It will even out pigment and takes down inflammation, and after a good night’s sleep you will wake up fresh-faced!
  4. Massage for the face:  Working your face with a lymphatic drainage massage is something you can do at home. It will make your face look rejuvenated. On dry, clean skin, massage the skin in a circular motion upward with clean hands. Start at the base of the neck, on the sides where your arteries are. Massage in gentle circles upward, toward the jaw, up the sides of the face and around the eyes. This will also help coax nutrients into the tissue. If you’re prone to breakouts, you’ll want to do the opposite motion and start on the top of the face, working your way down as this will coax the waste away.
  5. Try a little DIY: If you can’t make it to the salon before a big event, try a Do it Yourself mask:  1/4 cup honey,  1/2 cup brown sugar, 1/4 cup milk,  and 2 tbsp olive oil This mask is great for exfoliating sensitive skin. Before a big event women can have some nerves which can lead to last minute breakouts that can destroy confidence. This mask is calming, and you can use it to scrub away any unevenness. Scrub it onto skin for a few minutes using a downward circular motion which will stimulate the lymphatic system and help to rid the tissue of any impurities. Leave it on the skin for 10 minutes. The lactic acid in the mask will assist in resurfacing the skin while the olive oil will act as an anti-inflammatory. Then remove the mask with lukewarm water.
  6. Tea bath: Another DIY treatment is to rinse skin in chamomile tea as it has natural anti-inflammatory properties and will assist in healing pimples overnight.  A strapless dress or something with a low back will expose the skin so it is important to address all of the skin. The night before any big event, run a chamomile tea bath; put a few tea bags in the bath! It will smell heavenly and encourage a good night’s sleep.
  7. Puffy eyes: A trick that works is to peel a cucumber and slice it up; place on eyes  and leave for 10-20 minutes. You can also put cooled chamomile tea bags on each eye to de-puff.
  8. Brush away cellulite: For cellulite and skin elasticity issues, try ‘dry brushing’ problem areas with a natural fiber brush. Start two weeks before an event and you’ll see problem areas slim down. Dry brushing stimulates lymphatic drainage, helps with cellulite, and gives the butt a lift. Do this before you take a shower. Bush lightly in a circular motion all over your body, focusing on problem areas, for 5-10 minutes daily. Add a DIY coffee scrub to help with those dimples.!
  9. Last minute: The night before, do a full-body exfoliation using an organic sugar or salt scrub. We love Whistler Naturals scrubs which are organic and vegan! Your skin will feel so good and glow everywhere. Exfoliation is key to a perfect glow.
  10. Technical help: Ideally, come in for our Red Carpet or Oxylight Treatment which use manual exfoliation and then our Juvesa Proskin or Oxylight machine for Micro-current, Ultrasound, Oxygen and LED Light. Priced from $150.

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