Bringing out your best and brightest skin!

Welcome to award-winning Derma Bright Clinic – a Medi-spa offering Anti-aging Cosmetic, Injectables & skin care procedures!
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Proven Acne Results

Weight Release, Nutrition, Detox and Post-Cancer Support

Our professionally trained staff will work with you to develop a weight management, nutrition, detox or post-cancer treatment program suitable to you & your lifestyle!

Bringing out your best and brightest skin!

For a free consultation call or book online:

Proven Acne Results

Weight Release, Nutrition, Detox and Post-Cancer Support

Our professionally trained staff will work with you to develop a weight management, nutrition, detox or post-cancer treatment program suitable to you & your lifestyle!

Welcome to Award-winning Derma Bright Clinic!

Medi-spa helping women and men achieve healthy bright skin with Anti-aging, Cosmetic Procedures, Detox and Body Programs as well as helping teens and young adults clear their Acne!



Derma Bright Clinic | Anti Aging

Tired of your wrinkles, sagging skin, and brown spots? These are all signs of aging. And yes there are things you can do about them! At Derma Bright Clinic we are a Holistic Medi-spa and specialize in Anti-aging skin-related issues and utilize a variety of treatment options including cosmetic procedures, injectables, professional services, state-of-the-art technology and highly skilled aestheticians and therapists.  Call or book online for your FREE Skin Assessment!

Derma Bright Clinic | Acne

Got acne? We can help! We are committed to helping our clients heal their Acne and Acne scars. What is the best acne solution? We wrote a book and have a system that includes a professional assessment and services, skincare technology including Blue LED Light, a holistic approachcoaching on nutrition and lifestyle as well as effective products. And for Acne Scars we have the effective and leading edge Intracel. Hesitant to go out and show your face? Join the happy clients we have helped achieve success with clearing their acne! Call or Book Online for your FREE Skin Care Assessment!

Derma Bright Clinic | Weight Release, Detox, Post-cancer & Nutrition

At Derma Bright Clinic we believe that great skin is a reflection of your health and starts from within. Proper nutrition is critical so we offer a variety of programs from one-on-one assessments to meal planning and shopping lists. We also offer assistance with detox, weight release and post-cancer support through programs, sauna, exercise & product support. We have wonderful and professionally trained staff on hand to work with you to put together a program that suites you and your lifestyle. Call or Book Online today for your FREE initial consultation!

Derma Bright Clinic | Face

As each face is unique, we develop a treatment plan for every client. This plan can include a number of options including Cosmetic Procedures, Injectables, and our Time Block format which allows for services such as extractions, exfoliation and masks as well as the use of technology such as Ultrasound, Micro-current, LPG or LED light. Whether you are looking for holistic anti-aging or acne solutions book your FREE assessment today to see what we can do for you!

Derma Bright Clinic | LPG

LPG Endermologie uses the LPG Cellu M6 Integral machine from France for high-precision Body & Face treatments. The cellular stimulation technique enables a 100% natural treatment of connective tissue transformations for beauty & therapeutic purposes, and a wonderful slimming activator for cellulite, loose skin & fat loss! It is supported by 130 scientific studies and a proven 30-year industry track record. Call or book online today for your LPG Assessment!

Derma Bright Clinic | Body

Hate those extra pounds? Want to tighten things up? Feeling sluggish and low on energy? We can help! As skin is our largest organ and offer a full Body Program that includes Body Wraps, Scrubs, Relaxation Massage (including a very cost effective Subscription plan), LPG Lipomassage, Sauna sessions and holistic weight & nutrition programs. We also perform Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation using the Edge One. Call or book online today to come in for your FREE unique Body treatment plan!




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“Super glad to be having Derma Bright Clinic as my new sponsor! I am the current Miss Teenage Burnaby and to me, having healthy skin is more important than ever! I am so thankful for Estie and Sandra for the facials, the guidance, and the tips to assist me in getting a glowy complexion! I have some acne problems, and after a few treatments I could see great improvement and my skin feels quite refreshed! I highly recommend Derma Bright to everyone, especially if you have questions or needs about skin care (like me!!!)!”

Ariel Cao,

Miss Teen Burnaby 2014

Leanne had undergone cancer treatments and as a result was feeling unwell and had a toxic buildup including puffiness around the eyes and dry, irritated skin. We recommended our Hydrating Facial – her response: “The best facial I have ever had! I felt so wonderful afterwards, thank you!”



“Derma Bright Clinic offers an amazing anti-aging facial treatment. They use LED, micro- currents, ultrasound and oxygen and in a 60 or 90 minute session, your skin will be smooth, glowing and radiant. The results are truly amazing, I had 3 sessions consecutively, to get my skin looking and feeling younger. After those initial treatments, now I have a 90 minute facial every month to maintain a beautiful, smooth and bright complexion.  Sandra, the experienced aesthetician is very knowledgeable and skilled, she is an expert in this area. Honestly, go give it a try you will look younger and your complexion will glow.”



Maria had adult onset acne and was very frustrated by it.  After a consult and some coaching around diet and skin care routine, Maria came in for a series of 6 Blue LED sessions plus enzyme exfoliation, extraction and oxygen application, and was thrilled with the results after her initial 6 treatments! “Derma Bright Clinic gave me my glow back – my skin looks amazing! Thank you!”