Our most popular facials and treatments are 60 minutes and 75 minutes.

Depending on the desired results, technology and the area being treated, 4 to 6 treatments are generally recommended. For laser or Potenza, often 1-2 sessions can achieve the desired outcome. 

For technology packages such as microcurrent, generally two weeks apart is recommended.

No, the treatments are non-thermal and clients are reporting no discomfort or pain associated with the treatments. Laser and Potenza treatments can cause some pain and we often use numbing cream for these.

Treatments are progressive and clients notice more correction with each treatment with changes as early as the first treatment.

Yes, treatments can be administered alone or in conjunction with other skin care treatments such as peels, skin rejuvenating lasers, and microneedling with radio frequency. When combined with other treatments, our devices are proven to accelerate the results of the other treatments being administrated.

LED light therapy is a skin rejuvenation treatment that uses non invasive, non ablative Red, Blue, Yellow, Green and other light therapies for anti aging skin care, facial wrinkles, acne treatment, stretch marks and others. LED is a safer, often more effective and affordable alternative to laser treatment.

Laser treatments can treat some of the same skin conditions as LED light therapy i.e. facial wrinkles, acne scars and stretch marks, but unlike LED, lasers can be considered more  invasive, and some are limited to successfully treating specific skin types. The LED light therapies make it possible to treat large areas within a relatively short period of time something that is difficult to do with laser treatment.

Laser treatment has a high heat-emitting property. LED light therapy enables uniform irradiation and has a low heat-emitting property thus making it a safe, effective treatment for:

  • Acne;
  • Acne scar reduction;
  • Anti aging skin care;
  • Facial wrinkles;
  • Cellulite reduction, and
  • Stretch marks.

LED light stimulates collagen, elastin production and tissue repair which can reduce and even reverse the effects of aging and skin and body tissue damage. It also assists with the cellular renewal process, while restoring and protecting the surface of the skin, resulting in a significant yet completely natural looking enhancement. The effectiveness of using red light therapy to stimulate rejuvenation in damaged tissues has been documented in more than 2,500 research papers, and approximately 100 double blind studies.

Yes, it is Health Canada approved. In the USA, the FDA has determined LED light therapy to be of non-significant risk. Treatments are completely non-invasive and do not produce any thermal damage or pain. Treatment times can vary in duration depending on the needs of the individual client and treatments are generally perceived as pleasant and relaxing.

LED light treatment is a gentle and natural procedure much like the process of photosynthesis or photo bio-stimulation, the stimulation of life processes with light. LED uses light energy to stimulate your body’s own regenerative metabolism at the cellular level. By stimulating the body’s tissues to convert light energy into cellular energy (ATP), a LED treatment can provide the energy your cells can use to:


  • Accelerate the production of collagen and elastin;
  • Increase cellular permeability, allowing for increased cellular nutrient intake;
  • Increase the removal of excess fluid and waste products from the cells;
  • Increase the production of macrophage (scavenger) cells for the removal of toxins/excess pigment/scar tissue;
  • Increase lymphatic drainage, and
  • Increase vascularization (blood flow) to the surface of the skin.

At your first clinic appointment, our knowledgeable aesthetician will conduct an interview, complete a physical evaluation of your skin to get a clear picture of your treatment priorities and at times take before and after pictures. Our aesthetician will then recommend the appropriate treatment protocol(s) to address your areas of concern. All treatments will begin by properly preparing the skin with specific skincare high quality products.

LED, Light Emitting Diodes, provide light that helps the cells of human tissue, the same way sunlight helps the cells of plants, process and utilize food and air, into usable energy. LED’s are programmed to change frequency and patterns of length to offer the most beneficial treatment according to the patients needs and desired effects. Each unit is programmed to provide the patient with a session best suited for the individuals target area. LED technology has long been touted as being an aide in wound treatment, reducing the appearance of wrinkles, scars, and cellulite; and pain management through its use of deep-penetrating warmth and cell metabolism. It has been the topic of research by NASA for space utilization, medical college research studies, and physical fitness training facilities everywhere.

Some current medical responses to skin aging currently involve invasive, painful, and often very expensive means of correction. This is a non-invasive approach that can be used regularly to reduce the appearance of problem areas that these extensive surgeries and laser-treatments are being used to correct.

While some patients may require only a few treatments, other problems may be more chronic or affecting deeper layers of tissue and require more frequent and extended attention. Patients with recent surgical wounds or trauma can use LED for accelerated healing and scar reduction post surgery. Patients with skin discolorations and acne can use LED as frequently as they desire. Some patients with diabetes or other light/heat sensitive ailments may require attention to avoid over-heated skin but can still benefit from LED.

As we age, skin loses some its ability to heal and reconstruct itself. Components such as collagen and elastin, necessary in maintaining the physical appearance and vitality of skin, decreases in production; scar tissue, toxins and waste build-up (acne, wrinkles, sunspots, hyper-pigmentation, etc.) increases the appearance of physical flaws. Red LED light can give the skin the necessary aid to reduce these, and many other signs of aging. These wavelengths of light can also help reduce scarring, pain and wound healing, of all shapes, sizes, age, and colours of skin. Some patients with heat/light sensitivity from medications or medical problems may require means to reduce heat to the skin but can still use LED since the heat output is very minimal.

Acne treatment can be difficult to treat, so many people with acne are turning to LED light therapy. A combination of blue and red light therapy can treat acne skin conditions. Best of all, it is natural, pain-free and affordable.

Blue light therapy is used in conjunction with red light therapy for adolescent and adult acne, as well as acne scar treatments. From acne treatments for mild to severe acne and acne scars, to skin care for acne, LED can help. Blue light treatment is a natural, effective skin rejuvenation technique

Red light therapy is used for skin rejuvenation, cellulite reduction, stretch marks and more. It is also used for acne scar reduction by combing red light therapy with blue light therapy.

Micro-current is a safe, effective, non-invasive, and non-surgical facial rejuvenating and sculpting treatment. It can lift, sculpt, and tighten any part of your face or body. It can even lighten acne scarring or rosacea. This procedure has no time and results are immediate. Micro-current facials are painless and so relaxing that most clients often fall asleep during the treatment.

If you are pregnant, have cancer or had recent heart surgery, have a pacemaker or have epilepsy you should not use micro-current.

  • Diminished appearance of fine lines, creases and wrinkles;
  • Clearing of acne and rosacea;
  • Reduction of sagging jowls and chin;
  • Smoothing of stretch marks and cellulite;
  • Visibly firms and tones skin;
  • Reduction of noticeable scars and pigment discolouration;
  • Improving blood circulation and lymphatic drainage;
  • Hydrates and revitalizes skin for a smoother feel.

This low level of electrical current works in harmony with the body’s natural healing processes. At a cellular level, micro-current stimulates activity in the cell to create massive amounts (a 500% increase) of adenosine tri-phosphate (ATP), known as the “energy of life”. ATP drives a number of biological processes including muscle contraction/re-education and protein (collagen and elastin) synthesis. Facial toning is achieved through muscle re-education, working a muscle from its origin and insertion inward to shorten slackened muscles (such as in the cheeks or forehead), and working from the belly outward to lengthen contracted muscles (such as the muscles that pull the corners of the mouth downward). Micro-current also offers specific iontophoresis which allows superior penetration of serums into the skin.

No, Micro-current has been widely used in the Europe and the US and has been approved by the FDA as well as Health Canada.

It depends on the condition of the skin and muscles and is largely determined by your age. To obtain the maximum results, a series of 6 to 10 treatments should be performed at least once weekly in the initial series treatment, with regularly scheduled monthly maintenance treatments afterwards.

A Micro-current treatment aids in reducing the signs of aging of all skin types together with the use of specialized products. This system of products and technology firms and smoothes the skin, offering an outstanding age-defying facial. Skin is left re-hydrated, circulation is improved, and a revitalized appearance is achieved after the first application.

No, in most cases it is sub-sensory and many people find it quite relaxing.

Although a remarkable difference is seen after the first treatment, the benefits of Micro=current are cumulative, and as such, Micro=current treatments are typically performed in a series to gain maximum anti-aging results.

Yes, treatments are performed in a sanitized environment with disinfected tools and Micro-current device is FDA approved.

After completion of an initial series, maintenance treatments at 4 to 6 week intervals are recommended to retain results

As every client is unique it is not possible to guarantee any specific outcomes. With this in mind we are unable to make guarantees. There are no refunds on any products or services. Only in select cases will we offer a credit but this at the discretion of the owner.

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