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The Best Skin Care Regimen for Summer

Summer is upon you, which means you’ll likely be spending more time outside enjoying the sun and heat. However, to make sure your skin is looking as bright and healthy as you’re feeling, here are a few tips to keep your summer skin glowing.

Wash Your Face Twice a Day

As the summer air grows drier and more humid, you’ll notice that your skin will look more oily than usual. Combined with the additional sweat you’re likely to produce, it’s important that you wash your face at least twice a day to get rid of dirt build-up in your pores. Washing your face as you wake up and right before bed are the best times to cleanse your skin.

Use Gentle Exfoliants with Glycolic Acid

Your skin is likely to produce more oils than usual during the summer. However, it can simultaneously look dull and dried out if you don’t exfoliate your skin on a regular basis. Exfoliating removes the dead skin cells resting on the surface of your face, helping your skin produce a natural glow that doesn’t look oily. Using an exfoliator that has glycolic acid is even better, as the ingredient will reduce excess oils and brighten the skin even more.

At The Very Least, Use a Moisturizer with SPF

For the best-looking skin, you should be applying sunscreen to your face every day of the year that you spend outdoors. This is particularly true for the summer, as sun damage can cause premature wrinkling, fine lines and hyperpigmentation. If you can’t handle the full power of sunscreen or can’t find the right one for you, then use a moisturizer with SPF, as some protection from UV rays is better than none at all.

Moisturize at Night

Your skin needs to stay hydrated throughout the night to restore your features and keep your face looking bright and healthy when you wake up. For this to happen, it’s important that you moisturize your skin before bed. To get the best hydration properties, find a nighttime moisturizer that contains aloe water, as it will deliver the moisture needed to keep up with those hot, summer days.

Use Wash-Off Self-Tanning Products

Everyone wants to have glowing skin in the summer, but laying out in the sun for hours or going to a tanning salon isn’t the healthiest way to achieve it. Consider using an easy to apply self-tanning product that you can wash away with the day’s sun and sweat. This way you won’t have to commit to the colour for long, the wrong colour won’t last for weeks and it’ll give you that natural glow everyone’s looking for.

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