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6 Ways You May be Making Your Acne Worse

Everyone has struggled with acne at some point in there lives, and it can be a hassle and a headache to get rid of permanently. To make sure you’re doing as much for your skin as possible, here are six things you should avoid doing that are guaranteed to make your acne worse.

Too Much Scrubbing

While exfoliating your skin once a month will help to keep your face free of dead skin cells, scrubbing it every few days will only irritate it and encourage breakouts. Using a rough cleanser and exfoliator often will cause inflammation, marks and dark patches, especially if you aren’t being gentle about it. Use a calming cleanser daily, exfoliate once a month and be kind to your skin.

No Consistency

A lack of consistency when it comes to doing your daily skincare routine will lead to inconsistent results. It’s common for your skin to get worse before it gets better, but that cycle is sure to keep repeating if you constantly switch or skin aspects of your skincare routine.

Exposure to Dirty Objects

Your cell phone, hands, pillows, a lot of things can come in contact with your face on a daily basis that you don’t pay much attention too. Because of this, it’s easy to forget how dirty some of these surfaces can be, especially your phone and hands. To reduce how much bacteria transfers onto your skin, avoid touching your face unless your hands are clean, sanitize your phone on a daily basis and make sure you’re washing your pillowcases regularly.

Only Focusing on Your Face

While it might seem obvious that you’d want to focus on treating your face when dealing with acne, that’s just not the case. In fact, your diet has a lot to do with the condition of your skin. As well, you may experience acne on other parts of your body, so it might do you well to look for powerful body cleaners that feature acne fighting properties.

Overusing Products

Use your skincare products in moderation, as using cleansing or healing products more than the recommended usage can strip your skin’s natural barrier, compromising its integrity. Stripping the skin can lead to inflammation and, even worse, increase sebum production, which aids in causing breakouts.

Popping Pimples

The number one rule for dealing with acne is to keep your have away from any active breakouts. Everyone’s popped a pimple or two in their life, but the key is to not turn it into a habit. Popping an active pimple will cause the bacteria within to spread into nearby pores, causing breakouts elsewhere. It also introduces outside bacteria, preventing your pimples from healing without a scar.

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