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*Anti-Aging Options: Technical Facials, Peels & Devices

Tired of your wrinkles, sagging skin, and brown spots? These are all symptoms of aging skin. And yes there are things you can do! We offer a number of treatment options including:

At Derma Bright Clinic we specialize in skincare, specifically Anti-Aging and Acne.

Anti-Aging: Typical Concerns

  • Sagging skin, poor texture and large pores;
  • Scars and pock marks;
  • Brown spots, hyperpigmentation, melasma or discolouration, and
  • Fine lines and wrinkles.

*Technical Facials and Peels

We treat Anti-aging concerns with a combination approach including:

  • Non-invasive devices: The first level of defense is the use of a variety of devices including the Oxylight by Raja Medical. We offer a range of treatment options to alleviate and often eradicate these issues including Ultrasound, Oxygen, LED Light Therapy, Micro-current, and Micro-dermabrasion;
  • Popular and effective Technology: The Oxygeneo is a well know skincare treatment with the added benefit of Ultrasound and Radio Frequency! 
  • Services: Our Technical Facials are designed as both a maintenance program and a methodology to treat certain issues;
  • Peel / Exfoliation treatments are a great way to deal with texture issues, scars, pock marks, large pores and more; it is a more natural and holistic treatment than the more harsh chemical peels;
  • Education: We pride ourselves on having a knowledgeable staff who will diagnose skin concerns, recommend the right treatment protocols and educate clients on diet, lifestyle and skin care routines;
  • Take home products: It is an essential part of skin care to invest in a good product line. Unfortunately the majority of skin care products on the market are full of chemicals and fillers and do more harm than good. We offer proven lines that are designed to work well with our philosophy of results without the adverse side effects of chemicals. These include: Nelly deVuyst BioTense and BioMed lines, Alumier, Rejudicare, Clayton Shagal, and Myriade.
  • We offer a 24/7 online store and!
  • General Health: We encourage our clients to utilize both medical and holistic testing including hormone, food sensitivity and heavy metals as all of these will give our clients a blueprint for health! We have onsite other healthcare practitioners to help as well including Holistic Nutritionists, Physio, TCM and more!

Devices for Non-invasive Procedures

*Our treatments use leading edge skin care machines including the Oxylight by Sapphire 3®, the Oxygeneo,  LPG Lipomassage and EndermoliftIcon Laser/IPL/Hair Removal, Potenza, Hydrofacial and more! These may be added to services or used on their own. The key feature of our clinic are the non-invasive machines; the trend in the world of aesthetic services is machines for effectiveness and ultimately the results they bring. So take the plunge and try one of our machines with a facial to feel and see the difference!

*Oxylight and Oxygeneo

3-Step Service: 60 minutes using 3 of our 5 core modalities: LED, Micro-dermabrasion, Micro-current, Oxygen & Ultrasound. 60 min $160
Red Carpet Treatment: Get event ready with this wonderful treatment! Includes Micro-dermabrasion, Ultrasound, Micro-current & full face panel LED light with oxygen. 75 min $195
Quad Facial: four of our 5 core modalities including a choice of: Microdermabrasion, Micro-current, LED/Oxygen, Lymphatic drainage, Ultrasound & Radio Frequency. 90 min $225
Anti-Aging Special: Application of Microcurrent & Red LED light, as well as 10 minutes of RF, 50 minutes of technology 60 min $160
Oxygeneo 3 in 1 Super Facial: Exfoliate, Infuse & Hydrate, Face or Back 30 min $145
Oxygeneo Ultimate Facial: As above plus added Ultrasound & RF, Face Only 75 min $240
Micro-dermabrasion – Face, neck, shoulders & decollete. 60 min $160
Express: Choose 1 from microdermabrasion, LED, Ultrasound, or microcurrent 30 min $95
Radio Frequency, Full face
Add on: Radio Frequency, various eg eyes
30 min
5-20 min
Add on: Micro-dermabrasion, Micro-Current, LED Light, Oxygen, Ultrasound:
Full Face
15 - 20 min $25

*LPG for Face & Body Slimming, Firming, and Anti-Aging / Tightening

DescriptionSessions / RatePrice
LPG Lipomassage: Regular price Single Session: Integral
Single Session: Alliance

6 week
package or maintenance
10 sessions $1500 - Integral
$1680 - Alliance
3 month package 20 sessions $2800 - Integral
$2880 - Alliance
6 month package 30 Sessions $3900 - Integral
$3900 Alliance
12 month package 40 Sessions $4800 - Integral
$4800 - Alliance
LPG Express Integral/Alliance Single Session
Express 10
Express 20
Express 30
Express 40
$100 / $135
$890 / $1215
LPG Evaluation 45 min $120

*Icon Max G and 1540 Laser and IPL – Acne Scars and Complexion

DescriptionDurationPrice / Treatment
Icon 1540
Acne Scars - partial
to full face
30+ $350+
Scars: surgical,
30+ $250+
45+ $500+
Stretch Marks
30+ $400+
Fine lines,
Deep wrinkles
45+ $300+
Melasma 30+ $250+
Hyper /
Hypo pigmentation
30+ $250+
DescriptionDuration$ / Treatment
Icon: Max G IPL In

Rosacea 30+ $250+
Blood vessels,
port wine stain
30+ $200+
Skin Rejuvenation:
Collagen stimulation /
fine lines,
Pore reduction
30+ $250+
IPL Photofacial
30+ $250+
Brown spots:
small area
(hands, cheeks)
30+ $150+
Brown spots:
Larger areas
(chest, arms, back)
30+ $300+
*During exfoliation

Treatment protocol: Exfoliation followed by micro-current and LED light. Notice the smooth surface, even tone, smaller pores and tighter skin.


Brown spots in particular are a nuisance! And brown spots, hyperpigmentation and melasma are caused by many things though the most common reasons are sun exposure, aging, pharmaceuticals (Accutane!) and hormones.

What can be done?

We offer a number of solutions for brown spots, hyperpigmentation and melasma. These include Facials , Peels including medical-grade Alumier and herbal Alex Peels, and the Icon IPL and Laser,   LED Light Therapy, Micro-dermabrasion, Microcurrent,  Radio Frequency and Ultrasound.

*Results may vary


We welcome men to our clinic and make a real effort to make them feel comfortable at Derma Bright Clinic. Our services for men involve our core competencies and include anti-aging concerns: sagging, dryness and fine lines which are treated using our machines and service protocols with no down time and a more non-invasive approach

*Skin issues:

  • From acne to red bumps from shaving, we offer non-invasive solutions to get to the root of the problem while providing safe, effective solutions.

*Hair removal:


*Men’s health:

Men can benefit from our machine treatments for everything from anti-aging to the treatment of skin issues such as acne and brown spots. Our retail products are suitable for men and we are happy to recommend a home routine for our male clients. Men are a growing market for us and we take great care in ensuring they feel comfortable and looked after when they come for a visit!

*Results may vary

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