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Bemer Benefits

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We are excited to announce that December marks the introduction of a brand new technology to the clinic,  BEMER, (Bio Electro Magnetic Energy Regulation). This is a PELF (pulsed electromagentic field) device that helps with a number of health-related concerns including cancer, diabetes, chronic fatigue and even skin issues such as acne. We decided to bring this in as it will be an amazing anti-aging treatment and one that speaks to our mission of helping clients achieve overall better health.

The BEMER is a German-designed, Swiss-made technology and is highly researched, clinically proven and effective technology that was developed in Europe. It is now distributed in 45 countries with accreditation as a Medical device in many of these including the USA (Class 1 with Class 2 potential in the near future); in Canada it is going through Health Canada review and we expect a decision very soon. Many allopathic and holistic doctors are now incorporating this technology into their practices. In fact in Germany it is sanctioned as a treatment for some cancers and is even covered under their medical care!

The BEMER Highlights include: safe with no negative side effects, non-invasive and natural, compatible with other treatment protocols, reduces the use of some medications, can be used in a clinic setting or at home, highly cost effective, is a non-chemical pain relief and an effective preventative treatment that improves overall health, vitality and energy!

I view this technology as a natural tool that can be used to combat many of our daily assaults from our environment including pollution and electro-smog from devices such as cell phones, portable phones, cell towers and the like. There is mounting evidence that these things are causing a lot of problems for us so we need to look for ways to protect ourselves. Here is an excellent 3rd party overview of the current siutation:

What kind of benefits can you expect? Feedback varies from its users but common ones include better sleep, mental acuity, pain relief, more energy and just an overall improved sense of wellbeing. I found my workouts were better, I felt stronger and my sleep has been awesome.

For more information, please visit this page.

We are offering the BEMER as a one treatment at $35 for 8 minutes or $300 for 10 sessions. You can book online or call us! This will make an excellent Christmas present or stocking stuffer!

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