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WOW Book Launch – Toxic Lipstick

Toxic Lipstick – WOW Book Launch 

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Blog Post – Toxic Lipstick, Chapter in WOW Book 

I was so thrilled to be one of the 15 authors selected to be involved with the WOW book. When I found out I had made the list of chosen authors, I realized the next step was to really be clear on what I wanted to accomplish with this project. I took the time to reflect on where I was in my life and the thoughts and feelings I had about the future. Given that our book was designed to help women, I wanted my book chapter to be positive, inspiring and informative. I wanted readers to feel they could read it and walk away with some ideas to implement or at least to ponder, and feel good doing so.

The last two years have been an intense time of personal growth, in particular around my mindset. It is a constant battle to remain focused and positive in this life today. We are inundated with negative messages and sometimes, negative people, almost every day. Yet our mindset is the piece that can keep us rising above the noise and chaos. Through coaching and daily rituals, I have been able to stay (mostly) on track and persevere to take the steps to create the life I see myself having, a life I love.

My chapter in the book, Toxic Lipstick, outlines my journey to what I call myself today, a Wellbeing Promoter. I start with the influence my family had, particularly my dad, on my ideas of health and wellbeing. Over the years I strayed, or neglected maybe, this notion until I had my son in my late 30’s. As I was getting ready for him I slowly started the process of clearing out the chemicals in my life, starting with my cleaning products. Later, after working with a holistic doctor, I had several proactive tests done only to discover I was off the charts with lead in my body. This stopped me in my tracks and totally freaked me out. I started to furiously research lead toxicity to find what might have caused this build up. I was shocked to find out that cosmetics were a likely culprit.

Lipstick is known to have lead, believe it or not. This infuriated me! How could companies create toxic lipstick? As I was finishing a business degree I took a course which required me to produce a life plan. In doing this I determined I wanted to run a small business. Through the synchronicity of many factors I launched my holistic Medi Spa, Derma Bright Clinic, in 2012. This has led to many other components including an online store (, my book “Face Your Acne”, and in 2017 the emergence of my alter ego, the Queen of Living Clean. Through the Queen, I offer workshops and write on ways to detoxify our lives.

With my chapter complete, I am grateful for the opportunity to be involved with these wonderful, wise women and to know that cumulatively we have created something special. My hope is that our work will help and inspire other women to be their best versions and to help restore the balance and love we so need in this world today.

Estrellita Gonzalez

Queen of Living Clean

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