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LPG Lipomassage – Pain free natural slimming technique

LPG Lipomassage – Pain free natural slimming technique

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A lot of people struggle with various body issues – one of the more dominant issues is weight. Weight gain is sometimes seen as negative because it can come with some effects such as lumps and bumps in the skin, cellulite and loss of skin firmness. One of the ways to combat weight gain and the undesirable side effects that come with it is to exercise and maintain a clean diet. But unfortunately doing exercise and maintaining a clean diet doesn’t combat all of the effects, it just minimizes it.

However, there is a non-invasive and modern procedure that can help slim the body. This procedure is called LPG Lipomassage.

What is Lipomassage?

Lipomassage is a scientifically proven method that targets fat that is resistant to exercise and diet. It is a massage treatment with the purpose of fighting fat, cellulite and undesirable contours. Patients who have undergone several treatments of Lipomassage have boasted having firmer, and considerably less contours on their skin.

Lipomassage is proven to work by doing these four things:

  • Slim down fat cells in any of the targeted areas in the body.
  • Smooths cellulite by diminishing the appearance dimples and bumpy texture.
  • Firms the skin by inducing body’s production of collagen.
  • Re-sculpts the figure by firming and tightening the skin.

How does Lipomassage work?

It starts off with the patient putting on a body suit (similar to a unitard) and you lie down on a table. The specialist will then massage your body with a machine that has a set of motorized rollers that lifts up and massages the skin in different directions. This massage improves the blood flow and flushes out toxins from the body. It also induces the body’s production of collagen, thus leading to tighter, firmer skin.

Benefits of LPG Lipomassage

  • Painless: since there is no laser or any sort of light frequency, there is no chance of a burning or stinging sensation (which often accompanies those treatments).
  • Improves Skin: gives it a tighter and firmer appearance due to the increase production of collagen.
  • Non-invasive: this procedure does not require any invasive techniques such as injections, anesthesia etc.
  • Quick: the procedure itself is a quick one and it requires no downtown or recovery period.

Where can LPG Lipomassage be used?

LipoMassage can be used on various parts of the body that has any fatty deposits. Some examples are:

  • Stomach
  • Waist
  • Arms
  • Saddlebags and thighs
  • Buttocks

LPG Lipomassage can help diminish the effects of weight gain by slimming down your figure, and firming your skin with a non-invasive technique. If you are interested and think that this procedure is right for you, book a consultation at Derma Bright Clinic today!


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