Why We Get Acne in the First Place

Why We Get Acne in the First Place

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There is no universal cause as to why 85% of people between the ages of 12 and 24 are affected by acne, or really, why anyone is for that matter. Acne breakouts have been happening for centuries, as far back as Ancient Egypt, where pharaohs and Egyptians were affected by the skin condition. It was around that era when sulphur started being used in treating acne. Even though most have come to believe the opposite, acne is not solely the result of the industrial world.

The word “acne” comes from the Greek word “akme,” meaning the highest point or facial eruption. Even the Ancient Greeks had to deal with this annoying recurrence. In the 18th century, wealthy society members wore a form of our modern day blemish patches to heal their breakouts. However, unlike today as we’re trying to hide our imperfections, theirs were crafted in a variety of shapes and decorative designs. Even isolated tribes residing in non-industrial societies, who consumed a plant-based diet, experienced acne. No one is completely safe from this experience.

Possible Causes Today

Improper Hygiene
Not washing your face after exercising, wearing makeup all day or just not washing your face in general allows dirt, bacteria and oil to mix with your sweat and seep into your pores. Washing your face twice a day will cleanse those clogged pores and minimize breakouts.

Harsh friction from a number of surfaces can stimulate the oil production on your face, resulting in blemishes. It can also spread any active acne and blemish bacteria across your skin. Use gentle cleansers and avoid rough surfaces on your skin.

Smoking is horrible for your overall health, there’s no doubt about that. However, the lack of oxygen getting into your body will break down collagen and elastin, which will lead to wrinkles and increased pore sizes. It also dries out your skin, meaning your body will produce more oil and therefore, more breakouts.

Picking Pimples
Not only does forcibly popping your pimples push bacteria and oil further into your skin, causing more breakouts, but it will most likely turn that blemish into an acne scar. Just use the proper products recommended by your Aesthetician and let the blemish dry out naturally.

Stressed Out
When you’re stressed out, your body produces stress hormones that can stimulate your oil glands. This increases oil production in your skin, resulting in clogged pores. Doing activities that relieve stress should reduce the rate of breakouts.

Constant Contact
Constantly touching your face with dirty hands, or wearing hats that rest on your forehead, allows the transfer of bacteria to occur. This is especially detrimental if you have active breakouts. Keep your hands away from your face and switch out your headwear often.

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