How Early is Too Early for Botox?

How Early is Too Early for Botox?

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You thought Botox was only for older women? Think again. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, more women in their 20s are Botox users, making 30% of the statistics. Here are some trends and recommendations on Botox from certified experts to throw more light on the subject.

Botox for teenagers: Teenagers as young as 15 to 19 are looking at injections to conceal what they consider to be “imperfections.” While there is no scientific evidence to show that the treatment at a young age will prevent wrinkles from forming in the future, there is a debate on the right age to start the anti-ageing treatment for long-term impact.

Botox for twenty-somethings: While injections to prevent wrinkles is not recommended for those in their early 20s, it is used to correct subtle facial asymmetry such as a drooping eyebrow or fine lines between the brows that are first indicators of wrinkles in the future. However, many aestheticians don’t recommend the treatment if the lines are not “etched in.” Instead, they are advised to be aware of their facial expressions and use sunscreen at daytime as well as retinol at night to control them.

Botox for those over 30: The most common age group to consider Botox is those in their mid to late 30’s to mid 40’s to use. The treatment is also used to reduce excessive sweating of palms, soles of the feet and underarms. Experts say that botox use depends on the skin assessment and individual requirements.

FAQs About Botox
1. What are the side effects of Botox?

Botox is a natural purified protein that is known to relax wrinkle-prone facial muscles so the skin looks smoother. It lasts for about three to six months. It is considered safe, with very few side effects. In 2014 The American Society of Plastic Surgeons claimed that Botox is one of the top five minimally invasive procedures with 6.7 million people undergoing the treatment.

There are no known damaging side-effects yet. About 0.2% of long-term users developed Botox-related antibodies which really means that the treatment will not deliver results. However, patients are recommended to be at least over the age of 18 to consider the treatment

2. How early is too early for Botox?

Dermatologists say that Botox administered at an early age prevents fine lines from developing into permanent wrinkles. If you start noticing facial lines, you can consider the treatment to inhibit the progress instead of starting 10 years later to remove them with more aggressive procedures. Millennials are known to push back the first visible signs of ageing such as fine lines that have the potential to turn into deeper creases and wrinkles by starting Botox at a younger age. It helps reduce the chances of more complicated cosmetic procedures down the road such as facelifts.

You need to consult an experienced aesthetician or doctor as incorrect injection dosage can lead to adverse effects. Your skin should be clear of any infection to qualify you for the process. It is also prohibited for pregnant or lactating women or those with a history of allergic reaction to Botox.

Although there is no “right age” for Botox, those with lighter complexion and “thinner” skin tone are more prone to ageing faster than others. What is not desirable is the “frozen” look where facial features stop moving after excessive use of Botox over a period of time. Qualified dermatologists use fewer units of toxins to create a more natural look with diluted injections, especially for young skin. The ideal look is one that looks refreshed and relaxed, not forced.

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