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8 Beauty Tips That Are Lies

The number of myths circling the skincare and beauty industries is ridiculous. Everything can cause acne and simple home remedies can heal all, with no consequences. Well, we’re here to break done eight beauty and skin care tips that are blatant lies.

Lemon Juice Helps to Improve Skin?

Due to the high acidity levels in lemons, they are guaranteed to harm your skin more than heal it. The acid will burn and permanently damage your skin, causing discolouration that will never fade completely. Products that contain lemon properties are fine for the skin, but applying pure lemon juice is too intense of a treatment. Recurring use can lead to constant dryness, irritation, sensitivity and burning.

Acne Scars are Only Caused by Popping Pimples

While it’s true that popping pimples can cause skin damage, acne scarring can be caused by several other factors. Everyone’s skin is different, meaning that some people will scar more easily than others. All you need to do to help prevent acne scarring is to be gentle with your skin and avoid picking as active breakouts.

Only Dirty Skin Causes Acne

Acne is a complex issue that affects everyone differently. Yes, washing your face twice a day will help in reducing oils on your skin’s surface that may cause acne, but washing too often or using harsh products can worsen your condition. Other issues need to be determined as to why you’re experiencing acne, as clearing bacteria from your skin won’t help if your acne is caused by hormones or a poor diet.

Only Junk Food Causes Acne

Sure, acne can be caused by consuming too much sugar to highly processed foods, but that’s only true for part of the population suffering from acne. Some people can eat an entire cake by themselves and not break out the next morning. It’s because everyone’s skin is different, and different actions with cause different outcomes. The only sure way your diet can negatively affect your skin is if you’re stressing over everything you’re putting into your body.

You Should Exfoliate Daily

Exfoliating every so often does wonders for smoothing out your skin, but to do it daily will ensure that your skin’s condition worsens. Our skin needs breaks from all exfoliant products, like AHA’s, BHA’s and retinol. Trying to remove dead skin cells daily will cause dryness while weakening the integrity of your skin. Using hydrating products and antioxidants between exfoliation sessions will keep it looking bright and healthy.

Makeup Worsens Acne

There’s always a risk that new products introduced to our skin will have a negative response. That applies to anything we put on or in our bodies. But to say that all cosmetic products cause acne is absurd. Unless you have the world’s most sensitive skin, it’s highly unlikely. The variation between formulas and ingredient combinations are too vast to affect everyone in the exact same way.

Stronger Products are Always Better

Intense acne treatments, much like any treatment, can have negative side effects. The two main ingredients you’ll find in quality acne treatment products are benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid. As the best treatments to kill bacteria and unclog pores, these two ingredients are highly recommended by dermatologists. However, products that contain 10% or more of either ingredient can cause irritation to the skin.

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