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Why you need to Detox your Lymphatic System!!

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Why you need to Detox your Lymphatic System!!

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Do you know where your lymphatic system resides? Do you know what it does?? Most people would not and yet a well-running lymphatic system is critical to overall well being.

Your lymph system affects everything in your body, including your skin. There are 2 primary circulating systems in our bodies: the circulatory system which includes your veins and arteries, and your lymphatic system which includes capillaries, ducts and nodes. Our circulatory systems are the “life giving” system bringing nutrients and oxygen to our cells. The lymphatic system is the “life sustaining” system as it absorbs and processes excess fluid and waste particles helping to keep our cells ‘dry’, for proper chemical and electrical conductivity and balance.

Both systems must work well together in order to maintain a healthy cellular dry state. When our lymph systems do not work well, excess fluid and particles accumulate resulting in inflammation. Left unchecked, chronic inflammation will turn into disease.

Our bodies can also accumulate things such as large particles in the form of viruses (e.g. Herpes, West Nile or Ebola) which are too large to pass through the endothelial gap thus blocking it. This will cause an accumulation of toxins, fluids, chemicals, and protein molecules causing inflammation and possible infection and necrosis.

How can we unblock this accumulation and stagnation?

There are things we can do to get our lymphatic system moving including massage, sweating in a sauna, using a rebounder, and exercise. Another great way is using something like the “Photon Emission Lymphatic Drainage (PELD) Therapy” system. This machine has 8 “arms” that are placed on 8 points in the body emitting a flood of photons that target unhealthy, random protein structures and works to release the water they are holding and thus “unplug” and decongest affected areas. The result is that swelling, cell or masses are easily dispersed. It uses very low current cold gas light photons to transfer energy frequency patterns to the areas surrounding the cell.

Protein structures living in healthy tissue are always working to align themselves. When these structures break down they are removed by the lymph system. If this does not happen then they become toxic and pathologies occur in the body. Using the PELD system provides the cell with the opportunity to repel or separate from a cluster which is the ideal condition to drain swollen tissue.


  • Rapid movement of waste material occurs;
  • Delivery of waste material to organs and nodes responsible for waste processing or elimination is enhanced;
  • Non-invasive;
  • Promotes detoxification and boosts the immune system, and
  • Improves many inflammatory conditions such as:
  • Acne and other skin issues such as eczema
  • Chronic injuries especially tissue congestion related
  • Arthritis, fibromyalgia, and lupus
  • Swollen, fatigued or heavy legs,
  • Headaches, new and old injuries, pain and neck rotation issues

What to Expect?

The system is very easy to use! Here are the steps:

  • You lay down on a massage bed.
  • The 8 “arms” of the PELD machine are placed on the body in strategic positions.
  • There is no feeling of pain during the session; it is actually quite relaxing.
  • You may experience temporary headaches or cold/flu symptoms during the first few treatments; this is a result of the toxins draining through newly de-congested lymphatics.
  • You may experience an increase in urine flow and urine may be cloudy

This service is available at Derma Bright Clinic. One 30-minute session is $80 plus GST and one 60-minute session is $150 plus taxes. It is advisable to purchase a greens supplement we carry which helps to bind to any of these proteins to help draw them out.

If you plan to detox this fall, the PELD machine is a wonderful and effective manner to feel better and create a more balanced body!

Call 604.259.8757, book online or email us at to book your session today!

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