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What the heck is a Fanny Facial?

I know, I know. What do the words fanny and facial have to do with each other? In England a fanny is something different and we are not talking about that here! We mean the buttocks! Truth be told, our tush is subject to a lot of stress and abuse. From hours of sitting on it in an office, car or bike, our tush takes a lot of abuse. Add to this synthetic clothes or too tight jeans which cause friction and ingrown hairs, and you have the potential for a butt pimple breakout. Enter the Fanny Facial.

Here are some facts. The follicle structure on back and butt skin is different from the face. Its pore shape is somewhat concave making extraction difficult, especially if you try it yourself! Squeezing mishaps can also lead to bacteria spreading which can cause more pimples. And continuous or excessive washing can lead to further irritation. 

Enter the professionals. Aestheticians are used to dealing with embarrassing and personal issues and body parts. Ever had a Brazilian wax? You can’t get more personal than that! At Derma Bright Clinic our Aestheticians are skincare experts and that includes all skin so why not the butt when we know there are people out there with agitated tushes. 

So what are the Fanny Facial steps? Here is the breakdown:

Time: 60 minutes or 90 minutes with add ons such as LPG Express Butt Lift

Fanny Facial Steps:

  1. Analyze the back end
  2. Cleanse the area.
  3. Exfoliate: mandelic acid or other.
  4. Extractions (if needed).
  5. High Frequency for acne.
  6. Massage (upward movements). 
  7. Mask: Dead Sea mud, clay, seaweed or other.
  8. LED light for circulation. 
  9. Tone.
  10. Moisturize with a light moisturizer.

We have several lovely add-ons for our Fanny Facial including:

For home care we suggest some additional practices:

  • At home try a 10% sulfur mask and use it as an overnight spot treatment; this can be especially helpful for individual lesions on the back and rear end. Make sure you are not allergic to sulfur! 
  • Try a benzoyl peroxide wash when you have a breakout. 
  • Try to reduce the use of artificial fibres like nylon and polyester as they cause friction. Invest in more natural fibres which are more absorbent.
  • Have a look at the ingredients in your soap, laundry detergent and beauty products. Drug store or over the counter products can contain colours, fragrances, preservatives and chemicals which can greatly irritate skin. 

Derma Bright Clinic takes great pride in the back bar products we use and we spent a long time finding the right product line. We now use the Nelly deVuyst BioTense and BioMed Acne lines as they are both 100% organic and COSMOS certified with active ingredients. 

The Fanny Facial is more than just a polishing; we view it as a way to bring about enormous relaxation to clients. We also like to get to know our clients and make lifestyle recommendations including relaxation techniques such as yoga, increased water consumption, essential oils and enjoying monthly spa rituals. 

The aim of the Derma Bright Clinic Fanny Facial and treatment is to clear acne and inflammation for a smooth complexion. We can achieve other benefits like firming and lifting with the add-ons. 

Fanny Facials are priced at $125 for a one hour treatment. Try our monthly membership at $75 and you can use it for the Fanny Facial on occasion as well!


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