Potenza Microneedling with Radio Frequency

Potenza Micro-needling with Radio Frequency

The Potenza Micro-needling with Radio Frequency system was introduced in Canada earlier this year. We at Derma Bright Clinic have been using it for the past couple of months.

What is it?

It is a wand which delivers micro-needling and radio frequency. It is a highly effective method to assist in the treatment of acne scars and anti-aging. 

How does it work?

The Potenza wand consists of a single use microneedle cartridge. It uses the ultra-fine needles together with either monopolar or bipolar radio frequency. It treats two specific areas. First, either older acne scars or active acne. It can also spot treat a blemish. And it treats anti-aging issues. It stimulates the development of collagen and elastin. This works at a deep level due to the radio frequency energy.

This combination of micro-needling with radio frequency has a textural component. This is due to the micro-needling and a deep-down component due to the radio frequency. We introduced it because of our 10-year experience in skincare and using technology in our facials. We felt we needed that next level of corrective and proactive technology.

What are its advantages?

The added advantage of the Potenza Micro-needling system is that it can be used anytime of the year and on any skin type.

How is it anti aging?

It is a great starting point for anti-aging issues related to sagging skin on the face as well as lose skin on the body ie tummy, arms, etc. It does a great job of stimulating collagen and elastin. This tightens the skin on the neck, belly, flabby arms and other body parts.

September Specials

We are excited to feature the Potenza service during this month of September. We have great specials on the pricing for this month – check out https://dermabrightclinic.com/2022/09/04/fabulous-fall-specials-from-acne-to-antiaging/

Give us a call, text on 604.259.8757 or email us to book an online or in-clinic free consultation! Visit us and see if the Potenza Micro-needling with RF is the right service to unleash your skin’s potential! 

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