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For the Love of Our Planet

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For the Love of Our Planet

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It’s April and that means a lot things including Earth day which is on April 22nd in 2017. Do you think about what earth day means to you? Do you do anything special, something to acknowledge your connection to mother earth?

I am not one to tell people what do to, I do however like to share, whether my thoughts or ideas to get a dialogue going on things I care about. These days I am especially passionate about health, for ourselves and our planet. I am doing more and more myself to lessen the toxic burden on myself and on the earth as I believe it is just better for me, and us all as a collective.

With this in mind I would love to share some ideas as to how we can take notice of our dear mother earth this month, to really show her some love and gratitude, and in so doing, passing along some of it to ourselves and fellow earth inhabitants. I came across a few posts recently (including from Green Spa Network) sharing some great ideas, and so here they are. Perhaps a few resonate for you and your families this month!

1. Attend an Earth Day Event in your local community.

2. GET OUTSIDE! Go for a walk in the park, take a hike, complete a trek – reconnect and be inspired by your environment. We are so lucky to have nature in our backyard!

3. Ride Green this Month – use public transportation, bike, walk, or carpool.

4. Bring your own eco-friendly bag when you go shopping!  Eminence is supporting this action by providing their first 2,500 customers in April with their own eco-friendly reusable bag!

5. Get involved with a Community Garden or create one with your neighbors.

6. Boost your Environmental Knowledge Online (Start with a quiz on the Environment or our Natural Wonders) or attend a Film Festival.

7. Volunteer for the Environment: join a beach cleanup, plant a tree or two, or join a Nature Conservancy event.

8. Practice water saving techniques, like turning off the faucet when you brush your teeth or washing your hands and installing water efficient appliances.

9. Switch to energy efficient lights bulbs, like halogen, CFL and LED bulbs.

10. Reduce your waste by: recycling, using earth-friendly cleaning products, and donating used items.

11. Start a compost bin. Don’t have the space for one? There are services who can provide buckets for composting and pick them up at your home on a weekly basis for a small fee, which they in turn sell to local farmers.

12. Develop an Environmental Policy or Sustainability Goals to guide your company throughout the year.

13. Host a Company Earth Day Event, like Universal Companies’ Outdoor Day featuring gardening, a potluck salad lunch, hula-hoops, and their company band!

14. Conduct a Water Audit and identify one area where you can have an impact this year.

15. Engage your Employees by finding out their environmental passions, then employ these best practices to help them turn those passions into real change.

16. Prioritize buying local or recycled materials and products – at home and at work.

19. Walk in the March for Science on April 22nd (Satellite marches are happening all around the world) or join the People’s Climate Movement on April 29th.

20. Check your consumption style. Review how you consume and list some ways you can make it more eco-friendly for both you and the environment. Like maybe stop buying plastic!

21. Attend the Earth Optimism SummitApril 21-23rd, either in Washington D.C. or via their Live Streamed Sessions.

22. See how your local government representatives vote on matters related to our planet.

23CELEBRATE our Planet by throwing a Green Party! Gather your favorite green peeps, the biodegradable silverware, organic beer, and good wholesome food for an evening with the ones you love. Being part of a community is one of the most important aspects of eco-conscious living that not only benefits the planet, but you as well!

24. For those of us in BC perhaps think about voting Green in our upcoming elections!

25. Teach and talk your kids about things they can do to help our earth!

There are a lot of things we can do to help ourselves get closer to nature. Nature is there to help us heal, to stay connected to ourselves (and not to any electronic device!). Why not take some time in April to re-connect with our home and share the gratitude. For those of us in BC we are so blessed to live so close to nature, let’s get out and start enjoying it!

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