Five Tips to Take Care of Your Skin This Summer

Summer is upon us, yay! This is the time to take a break, get outside and enjoy the benefits that come with warmer days and nights. This is also the time to protect your skin and the following tips can help you do this!

  1. Take in skin loving foods and supplements: Summer brings an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables and our skin loves these! Get the blender or juicer out and start blending all the benefits that come with eating fresh, whole fruits and vegetables. The skin especially loves vitamin C but also benefits from vitamins A, B, D and K. 
  2. Hydrate: Warmer days can dehydrate the body as we recently experienced here in Vancouver during a first-if-its-kind heatwave which saw temperatures in the 40’s C. Drinking water helps with so many things but most importantly it helps with cell, organ health and flushes toxins. Some other helpful hints: avoid alcohol as an ingredient in skincare, do not use soap to clean your face (use a gentle cleanser) and avoid hot showers; all of these can dehydrate your skin.
  3. Suncare: It is essential to use sunscreen on your face if you are spending more than 30 minutes outside. I do believe we all need at least 20 minutes of direct sun on the body (ideally not on the face) to get the vitamin D benefit but beyond this a minimum 30 SPF is a must. Try to stay with something really clean. We carry the Nelly deVuyst Organic 30 SPF as well as the Alumier line (available in clinic). Also Hyaluronic Acid is a great way to moisturize your skin, it is available in-clinic or on our online store, 
  4. Professional skin care: Summer is a great time to give yourself a treat in the form of a hydrating technical facial! Using non-invasive technology such as micro-current, micro-dermabrasion, LED light, Radio Frequency and Ultrasound, can offer proactive anti-aging benefits. Our Oxygeneo treatment is also super popular and great for a special event such as a wedding!   
  5. Stress Management: The last year has seen a tremendous amount of stress due to the effects of COVID and lockdowns. We have seen an increase in cases of acne from the stress as well as the wearing of masks, known as Mascne. As we come out of the fog, people will be realizing the effects of the stress they have had on their wellbeing. My advice? Get outside in nature, take time to meditate, practice self care and daily gratitude. This is the time to make your wellbeing a priority and set the tone for a relaxing, restful summer full of family/friends, activities and joy.

At Derma Bright Clinic our passion is helping our clients achieve healthy, bright skin. To learn more about us, visit!

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