Derma Bright Clinic – Safety Plan COVID-19

Derma Bright Clinic

Safety Plan – COVID 19 Return to Work


May 2020

Plan to reopen

Physical space

Salon operations with a fixed location can reduce the spread of COVID-19 by following these guidelines. 

  • No distribution of refreshments except for bottled water in original packaging. Empty bottles to be handed back to the operator with cap replaced and deposited into recycling bins by operator. Water bottles to never be left unattended.
  • If clients bring in a beverage in a disposable cup, used cups to be safely disposed of and not left unattended. Clients should be discouraged from bringing in food, beverages, or gifts. Signage will be in place.
  • No food, snacks, candies for clients.
  • No magazines, booklets, brochures, or product sell sheets in the client or staff areas.
  • No loaner tablets, phones, or electronic devices.

 Reception and common areas:

  • Plexiglass, tempered glass or shower curtain barrier to establish a physical barrier between reception workers and clients.
  • Reception seats for clients in accordance to social distancing guidelines of 2m.
  • Clearing of any surfaces of samples, decorative artwork, or objects which may encourage handling.
  • Taped lines or indicators on floor or to guide physical distancing for reception and other areas where congestion is possible:
    • Taping a box on the floor where a 2m distance cannot be achieved by two people. Box should indicate only “one person allowed in this space”.
    • Where two means of passage exits to and from an area, designating one way for each to allow for traffic to flow in a single direction in each of the two passages.
    • Consistent signage 
  • No pens, pencils, notepads to be exchanged between client and operator.
  • Sufficient hand sanitizer with minimum 60% ethanol or 70% isopropanol content dispensers or disinfectant wipes designed for hand sanitation to allow all clients and staff to use as needed at reception, and all stations. Place hand sanitizer at entrance.
  • Box of facial tissue available. Client or staff to self-serve while not holding box (adhere box to desktop or place in a heavy box holder), and remove top tissue and disposing, use second tissue dispensed. We will properly dispose of tissue in a bag-lined garbage container followed by hand hygiene.
  • No use of rebooking cards or handing out business cards.
  • Between clients, wipe down surfaces including reception desk, chairs or couches with attention to armrests, retail area touch-points, and interior door handle. Use standard surface cleaning protocols using a virucidal agent. 

Retail Area:

  • Products may be fully stocked.
  • Discourage clients from handling products. Consistent signage in place.
  • No samples, brochures, electronic displays.
  • Provide retail products in clean, new bags. No reusable bags allowed by clients.
  • Return of products is not allowed.
  • Once every four hours, wipe retail area surfaces and any products suspected of being touched by clients or staff, using standard surface cleaning protocols using a virucidal agent.
  • Clients seeking to buy products may not walk-in as per no walk-in protocol. Arrange in advance and schedule the pick up to avoid overlapping of service clients waiting in reception, or checking in or out for services. Consistent signage is recommended.

 Interior Areas:

  • Bathrooms are well stocked with liquid soap, paper towels and warm running water is available.
  • Staff rooms adhere to industry standards and discourage congestion within those spaces. This room will have hand sanitizer with 60% ethanol or 70% isopropanol content.
  • Commonly used surfaces will be cleaned every 4 hours using standard surface cleaning protocols using a virucidal agent. Examples include countertops, desktops, and staff room surfaces such as laundry machines.
  • High touch objects will be cleaned every hour using standard surface cleaning protocols using a virucidal agent. Examples include doorknobs or push-plates, commonly used keyboards and mice or trackpads, touch-screens, back-bar dispensers, handles on machines and devices and any high-touch buttons, dials, or tools.   

Client management

  • We will communicate to clients a clear expectation of a revised spa experience, including:
    • Arrival procedures:Clients are to arrive on time (and not earlier to avoid using the reception area).
    • There is a limit of 6 people in the space (as there are 6 rooms).
    • Inform clients of new rules around physical distancing, outside food and beverage rules, and requirements for hand hygiene before and after services.
    • Inform clients of new rules around minimizing items brought into the establishment such as shopping bags. No gifts for staff including gift cards.
    • Inform clients to wear their own masks or have them available for sale. 
    • We will ask screening questions and have them reviewed by staff prior to arriving in the clinic.
  • Perform client consults over a phone call prior to arrival if possible or else in the treatment room. 
  • We will display clear, consistent signage in the space to inform clients on rules around handling items, physical distancing, PPE requirements, hand hygiene, and any restrictions as determined by the Provincial Health Officer.
  • Clients keep their coat, bags or purses on their person and leave in the treatment room. 
  • During departure payment guidelines:
    • We will use touchless payment processing and ask clients if they want to add a tip which we will add so as to avoid them touching the keypad. Staff then shows the device so the client can tap the card. We will send receipts via email.
    • We will clean any keypad device with standard cleaning protocols; with a cloth dampened with an approved virucidal agent left for 10 minutes. Clean every hour.
    • Employees who handle cash must wash hands when leaving to another area of the establishment, and before breaks, end of their shift, or eating. 

Congestion management

  • Book appointments with a 10-minute additional gap to allow for sanitation using standard surface cleaning protocols using a virucidal agent. Ensure service area surfaces are allowed the correct time for virucidal agents to be effective (typically 10 minutes).
  • Clients arrive on their own. No children, friends or family accompaniment allowed.
    • If a client requires assistance, a family member may accompany (provided that family member has been isolating with the client) the client to the establishment. In the case of assistance required throughout the service, the family member must follow the same protocols as any regular client would.
  • No walk-in clients permitted. For retail-only sales, arrange in advance and schedule the pick up to avoid overlapping of service clients waiting in reception, or checking in or out for services.
  • We advise clients to check in no earlier than the exact time before their appointment. This allows effective sanitation of reception areas and interior areas. In the case of a client leaving the establishment later than expected, the following client will need to wait outside the establishment and maintain physical distancing protocols. We will offer pre- appointment communication and on-site signage.
    • In the case of special needs clients or clients requiring assistance, we will allow for additional time for the arrival and departure process to allow for the 10-minute gap for cleaning.
  • If possible, we will check in by phone or app.
  • We have identified areas where congestion usually occurs and taped physical distancing makers and will advise clients and staff to keep that area clear.
  • In the case of double bookings, protocols around physical distancing must be applied to both clients.
    • Staff must wash hands when switching between clients.
    • Tools cannot be shared.
    • Chairs and machines must be sanitized if clients share these and apply the minimum contact time with virucidal cleaners (typically 10 minutes). 


  •  For all services: Non-medical grade masks required for staff and clients
  • Glove use remains as usual for the mitigation of cuts caused by implements to prevent blood-borne transmission only. Hands must be washed prior to and after the use of gloves. Glove use at the discretion of staff and clients. Of note – gloves should not be used where they discourage regular hand hygiene.

Sanitation protocols specific to COVID-19

  • All staff will be competent in up-to-date, infection prevention protocols relevant to provincial PSE guidelines. We will display evidence of training to provide health inspectors confidence of operator competence in salon hygiene and disinfection protocols.
  • Cleaning agents will state the solution is “virucidal” and be appropriate for effective sanitation in the establishment.
  • We will greet clients while respecting the 2m guideline and not engage in any physical contact such as handshaking, hugging, or fist-bumping.
  • We will have a health questionnaire to determine if a client is experiencing any COVID-19 like symptoms. See attached. 
  • Client gowns to be washed after each use and sealed in a plastic bag.  Laundered after each use in water not less than 65C.
  • Used towels must be removed immediately and stored in plastic bags to be laundered.
  • Surface virucidal disinfectant and appropriate applicators will be available in each treatment room. 
  • We will be cleaning down furniture at stations between each client with disinfectants according to manufacturers’ specifications.
  • We will isolate tools per client and wash all tools, submerged in warm, soapy water and allow to soak for 10 minutes. Allow to dry.
  • We will schedule disinfection of regularly used surfaces, i.e. door handles, phones, POS machines, common surfaces.
  • Do not use neck brushes – use a clean, freshly laundered cloth to remove hair from neck areas. 

Tools and items requiring disinfection

    • Any facial equipment


  • Equipment and machines used during treatments
  • Product containers are wiped daily
  • Wraps, capes and headbands
  • Slippers
  • Clips
  • Bottles, & bowls
  • Hand mirrors
  • Makeup brushes & applicators
  • Smocks/gowns
  • Spray bottles
  • Trays/trolleys

 Service, staffing, and management adjustments

  • Client cancellation fees waived
  • Offering staff staggered shifts and virtual meetings as much as possible.
  • Staff or contractors are allowed to stay home for 14 days without penalty if they report symptoms of COVID-19.
  • Staff are being monitored for symptoms of COVID-19 like symptoms such as sore throat, fever, sneezing, and coughing to leave the establishment and remain at home.
  • Staff may consume food in staff areas and use hand hygiene protocols before and after eating. Unfinished food must be stored in a way so it cannot be consumed by any other staff member. No food is to be shared by staff. Staff to bring their own cutlery and dishes.



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