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Burn Fat & Gain Muscle with WONDER® EMS by Pro1 Laser

Burn Fat & Gain Muscle with WONDER® EMS

WONDER® EMS by Pro1Laser – An Introduction

Welcome to WONDER® Prestige! The latest EMS technology characterized by safety, efficacy and ease of use while manufactured according to the latest advances in computer tech and microelectronics. 

What is WONDER® Prestige?

WONDER® technology is a combination of electromagnetic emission and neurostimulation; it is a very effective way to get muscles to work! Muscle neurostimulation is a non-voluntary muscle contraction induced by an electric stimulus. The Wonder uses motor units to induce contraction and in doing so it avoids signals of the brain. 

WONDER produces the same muscle building, metabolic rate improvement, and calorie consumption as several hours of gym training. The results can be seen as early as the second week.

WONDER® works on 6 areas simultaneously.

What are WONDER® Benefits?

  • Maximum Strength Increase: Significant improvement of various muscular qualities; users will increase their strength potential due to the greater use of muscle fibers involved in the process;
  • Muscle Building: The increased maximum strength can result in a growth in muscle mass (more apparent with men than women due to female endocrine system ie lower testosterone levels;
  • Best General Physical Condition: Best shape becomes visible through the increased resistance against fatigue;
  • Psychological Effects: The Wonder treatment positively affects the moods and feelings of its users;
  • Better Body Posture: Achieved through increased body consciousness. Studies that were conducted saw that 90% of participants reported a more stable, straighter feel to their posture;
  • Appetite Control: Some users saw a normalized appetite sensation after treatments;
  • Redacted Urinary Incontinence Symptoms: As Wonder stimulates pelvic floor muscles it provides an effective pelvic floor strength treatment. 
  • Pain Relief: Low frequency current provides an effective pain relief. 
  • Back Pain Relief: The development of core muscles by Wonder will release spinal pressure and reduce the extent of joint wear.

Positive Effects

  1. Direct muscle formation
  2. Formation of muscle balance
  3. Rehabilitation of flaccid muscles
  4. Improved blood flow of surrounding tissue
  5. Fat loss
  6. Improves posture and well-being
  7. Decreases back pain
  8. No cardio-vascular or mental fatigue
  9. Limited stress on joints and tendons
  10. Allows a greater quantity of work by the muscles as compared with voluntary activity

What does it feel like?

You may experience a piercing, tingling feeling.

Recommended # of WONDER® Treatments

Once a week and in some cases twice a week with at least 24 hours in between treatments. Treatments are 30 minutes.

Treatment Expectations

Results will vary and will depend on each person’s muscular structure, pre-conditions, lifestyle habits, nutrition, mental state, etc. Generally during the treatment, customers will notice an increase in muscle mass and a progressive loss of fat mass, an improvement in general feeling and skin condition. 

Possible Adverse Reactions

The WONDER® treatment is safe there may be the following side effects:

  • Muscle pain in some zones between 48-72 hours after the session;
  • Skin irritation in the areas under action of the sensors;
  • Intense treatments focused on muscle mass increase can cause alterations in the blood profile ie an increased CPK concentrations, so it advisable to NOT have a WONDER® session 7 days prior to a scheduled blood analysis, and
  • On rare occasions, nocturnal stimulation can lead to sleep delays.

How Does WONDER® work?

WONDER® acts simultaneously, independently, and differentially on several muscle groups to provide a generalized and radical muscle toning experience. Treatments can be customized 

for each patient. 

WONDER® uses Electromagnetic and neuromuscular emissions efficiently and double action.

All scientific studies place muscle mass on par with blood pressure and heart rate as health parameters. Maintaining good muscle mass is essential for leading an active and healthy lifestyle. WONDER® allows us to build muscle without spending long hours in the gym or subjecting ourselves to strenuous fitness sessions.

Unlike traditional slimming treatments, WONDER® reaches deeper muscles, improving intra and intercellular coordination. As a result, the treatment has a much faster and more effective effect than traditional slimming treatments.

WONDER® provides immediate benefits:

  • Toning and shaping of buttocks;
  • Toned thighs and arms;
  • Abdomen better defined;
  • Cellulitis treatment, and
  • Enhanced strength & endurance

The WONDER® device is the first and only device to combine Localized Electromagnetic Emission (5 Tesla) and High-Intensity Selective Neurostimulation (60ma). WONDER’s ® 700 s pulse width can reach up to 15 centimeters deep and reduce visceral fat.

Recommendations Prior to Treatment

  • Drink at least 1 litre of water 6-8 hours prior the session;
  • Drink liquids at room temperature and avoid caffeine and alcoholic beverages which stimulate fluid secretion;
  • Avoid juice consumption prior to session as the stomach has limited process capability;
  • Do not eat for 2 hours prior to session;
  • If health issues, clarify with doctor whether or not you are a suitable EMS candidate, and
  • Refrain from strenuous exercise 24 hours before and after EMS session.

Recommendations After Treatment

  • High protein intake is recommended immediately after a session to help with quick recovery and muscle development
  • It is recommended to have a break between sessions so that the body can recover;
  • Muscles in particular need time to recuperate;
  • Lifestyle habits include avoiding alcohol, ingesting more protein, vitamins & minerals, and decreasing consumption of simple sugars, and
  • Increase physical activity to help eliminate toxins and increase natural lymphatic drainage

The Most Effective Technology for Muscle Toning

Prepare yourself for an unforgettable experience! Professionals all over the world are seeing a real revolution that has changed their ideas about how the body should look and how it should be shaped. It has progressed from old localized fat treatments to modern muscle-building and fat-burning systems using technologies previously reserved for elite athletes.

WONDER’s treatments for fat loss, muscle regeneration, rehabilitation, and skin rejuvenation work right away and last for a long time. WONDER® rehabilitates and strengthens even the weakest muscles by increasing blood flow to the area and fighting cellulite and fat buildup in specific areas.

Since 2013, world champions, Olympic champions, and national teams from different sports have used WONDER® technology to improve their strength and endurance in record time, get rid of extra fat, and speed up muscle growth.

The combination of two types of emissions is changing aesthetic body-shaping medicine. With WONDER® we can tone muscles while radically reducing fat mass, which is used up when muscles grow.

The WONDER® Treatment session is the equivalent of several hours of physical training.

The WONDER® EMS treatment is available at Derma Bright Clinic. Call for a FREE consultation on 604.259.8757 or visit dermabrightclinic.com! 

January 2023 launch price is just $99 – call to make 2023 the year you get in shape! 


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