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As featured in the Canadian Home Trends Magazine, November 2020  edition. Written by Estrellita Gonzalez

New to skincare? As a skincare clinic owner, we coach guests on what they can do at home to take care of their skin.

Your face is always visible and exposed to the elements. It is your calling card and its care should be a priority. So what can you do to help your skin?

Here are the basics:

  • Develop a skincare routine based on your skin type. Visit a professional skincare clinic where most offer free consults.
  • Set a skincare investment budget and purchase high quality professional skincare products.
  • Develop a home routine that includes cleanser, moisturizer, suncare and weekly exfoliation.
  • Great skin starts from within so eat well and hydrate daily with water!

Taking these steps will help you bring out your best and brightest skin!

Derma Bright Clinic is an award-winning Vancouver-based Skincare and Wellness centre offering Technical Facials, Peels and Body programs! 

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