All You Need To Know About LPG Lipomassage

Lost weight but still can’t seem to get rid of the cellulite and extra fat deposits? It’s time to try the effective, natural and non-invasive LPG Lipomassage treatment. Cellulite and fat deposits are extremely common and do not go hand in hand with being unhealthy. However, they can be frustrating and you don’t have to be stuck with them forever! There’s a lot to this non-invasive procedure, so be in the know to get all of your questions answered.

Here’s a detailed guide to what LPG Lipomassage is, how it works and all the benefits this treatment provides.

What Is LPG Lipomassage?

LPG Lipomassage is a non-surgical treatment that breaks up cellulite fat strands to allow the body to absorb fat quickly. The massage tool is placed over the fat deposits that break down with the LPG Lipomassage. This will smooth out your skin and contour it beautifully. Approved by Health Canada, you may see results after the first session, but several treatments are usually required to see lasting results.

Who Can Get the LPG Lipomassage?

The LPG Lipomassage is for those who want a treatment that works in multiple ways. It helps reduce cellulite and tones the skin at the same time. The treatment works for women and men who have been struggling to lose unwanted bulges after their initial weight loss.

If you are looking for quick, painless results that look natural, the LPG Lipomassage is for you. Even if you’ve been able to stay thin for years, cellulite and sagging can still occur. This treatment will help you remove that orange peel skin. For men who want to sculpt their bodies or get rid of excess fat such as love handles, this treatment will also help.

What Are The Advantages?

The primary reason behind the popularity of this treatment is that it reduces fat without cuts, punctures or causing harm to the patient in any way. That means no recovery time is required after your treatment whatsoever! Many find the massage comforting and similar to a deep tissue massage. The LPG Lipomassage gently massages the fat and muscles underneath which allows additional blood flow to the area. Skin elasticity is improved and your muscles become more toned and smooth.

How Long Is The Treatment?

Each session of the LPG Lipomassage usually takes around 30 to 45 minutes. It’s a swift, harmless treatment that requires no recovery downtime. Results are visible usually takes after 3 or more sessions. Each time you receive the treatment, the area becomes more toned, slim and smooth.

Derma Bright Clinic has imported the LPG Cellu M6 Integral from France, which is the highest precision LPG Lipomassage machine. We use only the best technology to give our customers permanent results! Supported by almost 130 scientific studies, LPG Lipomassage is not only safe but extremely effective.

Give us a call or walk-in to our clinic to find out more about this amazing procedure today!

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