All about Bemer

All about Bemer

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Have you heard about the Bemer? BEMER stands for Bio-Electric-Magnetic-Energy-Regulation.

With the amount of electronics that surround us daily, we are consistently bombarded with electromagnetic fields of varying degrees. Now, it should become a concern on how this constant exposure to EMF energy is affecting our bodily functions. However, there are some magnetic energy devices that have the potential to counteract some exposure to EMFs. One of these devices is the BEMER medical device.

What is BEMER?

It used pulsed electromagnetic fields as a way to deliver a specific pulsed therapy that is aimed to increase circulation in our small blood vessels. This increase in circulation to those cells will help them efficiently deliver nutrients, red and white blood cells and oxygen. This process will also help remove any waste from normal cellular functions as well as any chemical exposure. As a result, the body will function better, build stronger tissue and be able to heal itself faster.

How did BEMER come to be?

BEMER originated from Germany and was developed there, and from that point on, it had over multiple publications that demonstrated the benefits of it. It is now used in countless hospitals and clinics in Europe. The BEMER has been approved by both Health Canada and the FDA as a Class 2 medical device.

What are the benefits of BEMER?

Since it is used in hospitals and health clinics, it is understood that BEMER can help the body repair itself and the enhanced flow of oxygen is healing. Reported benefits include:

  • Enhanced cardiac function
  • Enhance physical fitness, endurance, energy and strength level
  • Enhanced concentration, stress reduction, relaxation and mental acuity
  • Enhance circulation and blood flow
  • Enhanced quality of life
  • Enhance nutrient supply and waste disposal

BEMER only requires two 8-minute sessions twice a day and is easy and painless to use.  Some issues that the device can help with include:

  • Energy
  • Sleep
  • Pain
  • Mood
  • Athletic performance
  • Mental clarity

BEMER provides a way of stimulating key microcirculatory mechanisms by generating a therapeutic physical stimulation of restricted blood flow through the organs.

BEMER uses electromagnetic transmitted signals to stimulate the pumping action of the smallest blood vessels. This will cause all the cells to be better supplied with nutrients and be able to perform their various functions. Note: this helps with burnout, but does not prevent or cure it.

BEMER helps promote a healthy and balanced lifestyle with a combination of a good diet and regular physical exercise. It offers a way to remain mentally agile as we age by keeping our body in optimal condition. With that being said, BEMER technology has the ability to improve the physical and mental health of people, while providing a quick and effective way to stimulate blood flow to the organs of the body.

Derma Bright Clinic offers Bemer sessions at $45 each or a package of 10 for $400 (plus GST). The Owner of Derma Bright Clinic, Estrellita, is also a Senior Bemer Distributor. She can provide a FREE Demo for anyone interested in the Bemer’s many health benefits.

You can reach Estrellita on 604.306.7718 or via

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