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January 2017 Specials

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January 2017 Specials

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  • Facial: Come in for a 1 hour facial and receive a FREE 10min Anti-aging LPG targeted ERGOLIFT treatment.  Come try our new technology! A $50 Value!!


  • Massage Membership:  Treat your loved one to a monthly massage for only $65.00 per month and receive the second month for FREE ~ Special this month only!  
  • Body Scrub & Wrap ~  25% off: Keep your skin looking smooth and silky with our body scrub & wrap treatment ~Regular $120.00 ~ Special $90.00
  • LPG Lipomassage Slimming Treatments: Buy a 20, 30 or 40 session package and receive a Free LPG GEL that’s a $94 Value!
  • Special Bundle Offer: Enjoy a 30-minute infrared sauna, 30-minute Lymphatic treatment, & an 8-minute Bemer treatment for the special price of $105.00!  [Reg $140].


  • Detox Programs:  This January receive a Complimentary Bemer Session with any 7 day / 15 day / 3-month Detox Programs (starting at $299); a $35 value!  


  • WHISTLER NATURALS Kiwi & Organic Calendula Acne Treatment Gel ~ $31.99 BUNDLE  with any Cleanser for $50.00, a $15 Savings!
  • LORNA VANDERHAEGHE GLA BORAGE OIL ~ GLA deficiency is a major cause of PMS. Many women with breast pain and painful menstruation are caused by low levels of good anti-inflammatory prostaglandins which are made from GLA. In women who have gone through menopause the enzyme that converts food into GLA becomes impaired, resulting in dull, dry and rough skin. GLA also combined with calcium improves bone density and prevents bone loss.  20% OFF THIS MONTH ONLY!
  • WHITE BRIGHT COMPLEX by iS Clinical is the next generation in skin brightening technology. This product helps to diminish the appearance of pigmentation irregularities. A combination of Norwegian Kelp extract and Bearberry extract safely and effectively brightens the skin. Regular price $148.10 20% OFF Special:  That is a $30 Savings!

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