*For Anti Aging and overall Wellbeing

*Over one million people all over the world are already using BEMER today! BEMER applications boost the blood flow, thus benefiting the body’s cardiac system, regenerative abilities and even mental acuity.

*Now officially launched in Canada as a Class 2 Medical Device! To learn more about Bemer Technology, please visit here.

Bemer is for everyone, including NASA! 

We offer Bemer sessions at Derma Bright Clinic starting from $45 for an 8-20 minute session or purchase 10 for $400 (not including GST).

I am also a Bemer Distributor! You can visit my Distributor site by going here! And for the Bemer Vet, our model for horses, please visit here!

To learn more about Bemer and PEMF technology, visit here and search!

BEMER 8 minute story

BEMER is changing the way we think about our health, challenging our understanding of the human body, and empowering us to reach optimal physical condition in a natural, non-invasive way.

Bemer Benefits

The Benefits of the Bemer Technology are many, including:

  1. BEMER is a “general wellness product” and we can all agree that we all benefit from–and desire–general wellness.
  2. Nearly every human health condition can be improved through increased blood flow, which is BEMER’s key technological function.
  3. Poor sleep.  Low energy.  Those two symptoms are the most commonly heard complaints in doctor’s offices around the globe.   BEMER can improve the quality of your sleep and boost overall energy.

The Bemer technology is also an amazing conditioning and recovery tool for elite athletes. Many of today’s top athletes incorporate Bemer into their training; some names include Justin Gatlin, US Silver medalist in Rio and Boris Becker.

The Bemer Vet has well known Horse Whisperer, Linda Tellington-Jones as its Ambassador!

The BEMER Professional System

*The BEMER System has two independent BEMER signal delivery components allowing the user to apply two different treatments simultaneously through two different modules. The new BEMER Professional System includes:

  • *B.BODY (Full body mat with six coils – 3.5-35 microtesla)
  • *B.GRIP (module casing for B.LIGHT and B.SPOT)
  • *B.SPOT (intensive applicator – for small affected areas – 10-100 microtesla)
  • *B.LIGHT (LED applicator – 660 nanometres for skin/visible conditions)
  • *B.PAD (intensive applicator with Velcro strap for larger affected areas – 10-100 microtesla)

*Book your 8-minute session to see the benefits of the Bemer!

*Results may vary

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