*Results may vary

*Results may vary

At Derma Bright Clinic our specialty is Facials!

We began our business in 2012 focusing on simply the face with our facials and specialized technology.

*Over time we realized that no one client was the same so we developed our Facials as a Time Block format. This allows us to create a treatment unique to you and your skin!

*How does it work?  You choose the time frame that works for your budget and time (beginning at 30 minutes for $75), and we do what we need to do in that time to reach your skincare goals! You can let us know ahead of time your skin issues.

 *All Facial Time Blocks include:

  • An Intake Form when you come in;
  • A personalized skin care consultation before each treatment to ensure the best service and outcome;
  • The Time Block format is a subjective treatment and the Aesthetician employs a number of methods including but not limited to: cleansing, toner, exfoliation, extractions, mask or serum application, moisturizer, and mineral powder or SPF application for sun protection; hand/arm and/or shoulder massage;
  • Lifestyle coaching;
  • We may also use technology including our Oxylight or Juvesa machines; the modalities can include Micro-current, Oxygen, Ultrasound, Micro-dermabrasion or LED light;
  • Products used are generally Whistler Naturals, IS Clinical, Rejudicare or DBC skincare line.

Facial / Time Block30 minute $75.00
Facial / Time Block45 minute $100.00
Facial / Time Block60 minute$125.00
Facial / Time Block75 minute $150.00
Facial / Time Block90 minute $175.00
Facial / Time Block105 minute $200.00
Facial / Time Block120 minute $225.00

*We have additional treatments for the Face including:

*Specialty Facials

We also offer some specialized Facials which target particular body areas and/or use our iS Clinical line of products, these include:

iS Clinical Facials:
Facial: Fire & Ice One of Hollywood’s favourite facials, experience the intense sensation of the Resurfacing Masque (Fire) and the Rejuvenating Masque (Ice). A clinically active treatment system designed to rapidly resurface the skin, reducing fine lines & wrinkles, smoothing, softening and encouraging cellular renewal!60 minutes$150.00
Exfoliating Clear Skin: An Advanced treatment designed for Oily, Congested, Acne Prone or problematic skin60 minutes$125.00
Harmony Facial: Awaken your senses, restore balance, renew tone, and get your healthy glow back! 20-30 minutes$75.00
Eye Bright Treatment: Upgrade any iS Facial to treat your eyes!10 minutes$20.00
Other Specialty Facials:
Facial - Lunch Time Express30 minutes $75.00
Add-on: Machines Ultrasound, Micro-current, Oxygen, LED, Microdermabrasion10-20 minutes $25.00
Back Facial45 minutes$100.00
Facial - Fanny
Our neglected bottom can have a lot of issues including pimples. We use LED and exfoliation!
45 minutes$100.00
Teen Facial45 minutes$75.00
First Facial: ideal for teens needing to learn about skincare and home care routines45 minutes$75.00

*Results may vary

*Results may vary

The above treatment protocol: Exfoliation with Pearl Polish followed by LED light. Notice the even tone, diminished redness, pimples and oiliness as well as generally tighter looking skin.

Why have a Facial / Time Block?

*Facials are the best for healthy, bright skin! They are a very important part of a skincare routine and have many benefits, including:

  • *Deep cleansing, exfoliation, and circulation;
  • *Lymph movement and healthy product infusion;
  • *Aestheticians can offer skincare counselling and education during a session;
  • *A really fabulous benefit is relaxation!

For best results we recommend our clients commit to monthly facials. Your face is the first thing people see so treat it special and invest in its care! We offer a Monthly Membership the “Venus & Adonis” Club starting from $75 that includes one choice of three services a month including a Facial!

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Peels / Exfoliation

*A Peel and exfoliation are an important part of a skin care regimen. Depending on one’s skin type, a Peel can be applied 2 to 6 times a year and will help a variety of skin issues including brown spots, fine lines, scarring, large pores, uneven texture and toning. At Derma Bright Clinic we are not keen on strong “chemical” peels as we feel these can often cause a lot of issues with the skin later. Our services have been designed with a more gentle yet effective approach. With this in mind we offer the Alex Peel, a herb-based green peel from Germany carried out by one of Vancouver’s best Peel experts, Selena Chan!

Beauty Peel - a freshen up type peel$125
C Peel - Mild
The C Peels are Corrective Peels
C Peel - Moderate$250
C Peel - Strong$500


Web See Machines and Package page for Specials

*Results may vary