Introducing Bemer

*For Anti Aging and overall Wellbeing

*To learn more about Bemer Technology, please visit here. We offer Bemer sessions in our clinic starting from $35 for an 8-minute session or purchase 10 for $300 (not including GST).

The BEMER Professional System

The BEMER Professional System

*The BEMER System has two independent BEMER signal delivery components allowing the user to apply two different treatments simultaneously through two different modules. The new BEMER Professional System includes:

  • *B.BODY (Full body mat with six coils – 3.5-35 microtesla)
  • *B.GRIP (module casing for B.LIGHT and B.SPOT)
  • *B.SPOT (intensive applicator – for small affected areas – 10-100 microtesla)
  • *B.LIGHT (LED applicator – 660 nanometres for skin/visible conditions)
  • *B.PAD (intensive applicator with Velcro strap for larger affected areas – 10-100 microtesla)

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*Results may vary