Weight Release, Nutrition, Detox & Cancer Support

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1. Detox, Weight Release, Nutrition & Cancer Support

Detox Program

*A regular detox program is really key to maintaining and achieving a healthy balance to health which of course will assist with achieving healthy bright skin. We have teamed up with Molly Lee of Energizing Nutrition to offer a detox program. Some of the benefits that you can realize by periodically focusing on cleansing and detoxification can include: improved Digestive Function and Nutrient Absorption, Increased Energy, Enhanced Concentration and Memory, Improved Ability to Cope with Stress, Emotional Release, Immune Support, Enhanced Vitality and Skin Health, and Weight Loss.

*There are 7-Day and 15-Day Detoxification Programs, as well as a 3-Month Cleansing and Coaching Program, depending on your experience and needs. All Detox Programs include:

  • *Private Nutritional Counselling with an assessment of the organs of elimination (liver, lungs, colon, kidneys, blood, skin, and lymphatic system) to determine the best protocol for YOU.
  • *Customized Dietary, Supplement and Lifestyle Protocols to support your elimination systems.
  • *Access to my Virtual Dispensary for (optional) natural cleansing systems and supplements.
  • *Infrared Sauna and Lymphatic Drainage Session(s) (see below for more information).
  • *A follow-up session to assess progress, adjust any recommendations to suit your lifestyle, and make dietary and lifestyle commitments moving forward to support the cleansing process.

Weight Release & Nutrition Packages

*Through our on-site affiliation with Molly Lee of Energizing Nutrition, we are able to offer a variety of Nutrition and Weight management programs.  Her programs include:

  • *Special $50 Introductory 60-minute Holistic Health and Nutrition Session ($175 value)
  • Standard Introductory session is $175 for a 50-minute session
  • Success Package:
    • 6 session package = $1025 ($25 savings)
    • 12 session package = $2000 ($100 savings)

Cancer Support and Programs

*Genetic predisposition or a diagnosis to treatment into survivorship.

*We have teamed up with Shalini Gambhir of Nutrition Poet, a Medical Radiation Therapist, Registered Holistic Therapist and Cancer Educator who has developed supportive cancer programs alongside conventional radiation and chemotherapy that repair, restore, and rebuild the body from the inside out. Your unique program may address emotional trauma, anxiety & depression, immune and lymphatic support, unhealthy lifestyle habits, nutritional strategies, hormonal balancing, environmental toxicities, and screening protocols. Shalini believes that “a paradigm shift in the medical system is transforming the practice of medicine all around the world. Solely treating a disease is a concept of the past as it violates the internal balance. It’s important to recognize that human bodies unfold with the rhythms of your thoughts, actions, and observations”. With her dual expertise: educated in the science of cancer and the wholeness of the body coupled with those of our onsite practitioners (e.g. Physiotherapy, Chinese & Ayurvedic Medicine, Massage) we can offer cancer patients an integrative healing focused environment. Shalini’s services include: Complimentary 20-minute Discovery Session, 1-month Program, 3-month Program or a 6-month Program!
Call us today for information on any of the above or feel free to contact the above specialists in care of their websites.

2. Sauna

*Our in-house sauna is available for use. Prices are $25 per session plus GST or 5 sessions for $100 plus GST. Includes towel and use of shower.

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3. Lymphatic machine

*A well-functioning lymphatic system will greatly enhance a weight release program as it will work to dissolve blocks and aid in the removal of toxins. We are pleased to have on site a wonderful machine, the photon emission lymph therapy which assists in restoring proper functioning of the body’s immune system by re-establishing free flow of the lymphatic system. It does this by helping to disassociate disorganized protein structures (make them less sticky or congested). This includes cellular breakdown products as well as other toxic material blocking the lymphatic system.

*This non–invasive form of lymphatic drainage can promote tissue detoxification and boost the immune system. Many symptoms associated with inflammation can be improved. These include: acne (at beginning, a slight worsening may occur), tissue congestion from injuries, chronic injuries, arthritis, eczema, burns, enhancement of general resistance, scars, old and new keloids, cellulite, swollen legs, heavy legs, fatigued legs, mastodynia (breast tension in women after ovulation), prostate enlargement, pre-surgical preparations, post-surgical treatments, headaches, fibromyalgia, lupus, any chronic condition, new and old injuries, and pain and neck rotation problems.

What to expect

1. *You may experience temporary headaches or cold/flu like symptoms during the first few treatments. This is due to toxins draining through newly decongested lymphatics.

2. *You may experience an increase in urine flow and urine may be cloudy.

3. *Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you are experiencing any of symptoms. Our intention is to support you through the detoxification process with no discomfort.

4. Supplements

*It is often helpful to consider taking a temporary supplement or aid when embarking on a weight release program. We only recommend products we feel are natural and not addictive with synthetic or questionable ingredients and we certainly do not recommend any kind of pharmaceutical products.

*A recent find has been PRuvit and the Ketones drink which helps with:

• *Fat Loss Vs. Weight Loss
• *Fast And Sustained Energy
• *Mental Focus And Clarity
• *Strength And Endurance
• *Decreased Inflammation
• *Better Recovery
• *Muscle Preservation
• *Appetite Control
• *Better Bio-Markers
• *Everyone Who Wants Better

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5. LPG Technology

*Our LPG technology complements our weight management programs wonderfully. Read more here!

*Results may vary

*Results may vary

6. Exercise

*An important part of weight management is exercise. We have an onsite PhysioTherapist who can help develop exercise programs and we also recommend a few local trainers to help you reach your weight loss goals!

  • *Heather Lind of Wholey Fit: Heather was my bootcamp trainer a few years back and she is awesome. She has a studio offering indoor cycling and Tabata classes  located at 207-2083 Alma St. Vancouver, B.C V6R 4N6. Heather has kindly offered special pricing for our clients:
    • $150 for 1 month unlimited, or
    • 20% off a 10 pass that’s good for 6 months ($160 for a 10 pass).
    • *Call Heather up on 604-773-4660 and mention this offer! She will help you get to your exercise goals!
  • *Thai Lam, a certified personal trainer, fitness competitor and nutritional advisor in Vancouver. His contact info is 604.230.4556 and www.gigworks.tv/thailam