1397151_619788588084691_548447767_oLet’s face it – unless it’s a fun we all hate the idea of all the preparation that we think goes into nutritious food or exercising. Well it’s time to be amazed; it’s time you met Tara Leigh.  Overall health and well being is influenced by many factors especially how we nurture ourselves , physically, emotionally and through the food we put in our bodies.  Tara Leigh, is a Sports Nutritionist and Yoga professional. She has been practicing in the field of nutrition and in yoga for years, specializing in eating disorders, weight-related issues and rehabilitation. With Tara’s vast back ground and experience in health and wellness, she is able to specifically design and tailor your program to meet your personal nutrition and fitness goals all while working together in a relaxing, one-on-one environment. Tara’s passion for health and wellness began when she was a young adult. She was diagnosed with a blood and intestinal illness.

Prescriptions and traditional Western medical treatments plagued her with all sorts of problems for over six years. That was when she started researching holistic ways to heal herself. Her weight also fluctuated up and down so much while on medication. She was tired of not being in control and so she turned to nutrition for help. She found wellness through diet, fitness, yoga and a focused mind. She conquered a disease that doctors told her she likely wasn’t possible to heal from.  Today, Tara, is strong and healthy, and excited to share her passion and drive with others who seek to experience the benefits of amazing health, eating, fitness and joy in their lives.  It’s time to ask yourself: “Are you ready to allow your body and mind to amaze you in ways you never thought possible”?

Let’s get started!