Though I am not an Aesthetician, I grew up in a hair salon and many members of my family are hair stylists and cosmetologists in Europe and Canada. My prior and current experience is from the corporate world namely in senior management and consulting roles in marketing and human resources earned in Canada and Asia.

After beginning a journey of health and well being shortly after the birth of my son, I wanted to align myself with a business that was all about health and well-being. The clinic today is designed to help clients achieve great skin using technology and “clean” products and services. It has evolved over the last 2 years into a healing centre with the onboarding of other healing practitioners including RMT, Physio, nutrition, Chinese medicine and more.

I am passionate about health, and taking care of your skin using the right products and services is a big part of overall well-being. We are also offering weight release, detoxing and nutrition counseling to help our clients achieve overall well-being. Educating clients on this and good skincare habits is an important component and motivator in all the services the clinic performs.

Armed with degrees and diplomas in Business Administration (BBA), Sales & Marketing (Dipl-UBC) and Hospitality Administration (Dipl-BCIT), I oversee the Clinic’s operations and marketing.