Holistica Wellbeing

In 2015, I took over the management of suites 206 and 207. In doing this, I had the opportunity of turning this healing space into a true well being centre. I took the next several months to find like-minded practitioners to join our team and truly create an environment for patients and clients to improve their health and wellbeing. Today, we have a number of great people on site!

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Jula Thomas
Registered Aromatherapist
Julia was born in Wales and spent 33 years teaching K-12 music in England, Newfoundland and B.C. Over the last decade she has followed her other passion, studying aromatherapy in the U.S with Alexandria Brighton, one of the world’s leading authorities and internationally recognized aromatherapist, formulator and educator.
Sharon Pendlington, B.Sc., R.H.N., RYT
Sharon is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Yoga Instructor, Birth Doula, educator, writer and group facilitator. She specializes in Hormone Health, helping women struggling with symptoms of hormone imbalance to feel like themselves again. Sharon believes that women can feel more youthful, light, energetic and confident in their skin by nourishing their whole body through holistic nutrition.
Katarina Halm, MA, GCFP, CFT
Feldenkrais® Practitioner and Focusing Trainer
Katarina offers Sounder Sleep System™, Movement Intelligence™, Mindful Eating, Focusing, Feldenkrais®, Taiji, Bones for Life®, Movement Intelligence™ and Community Earthquake Preparedness while also furthering the work of John Pepper and Conscious Walking for Parkinson's. Building on her M.A. thesis, "Resonance and Dissonance in the Learning Process", her extensive training and credentials include Professional Member (#100222) Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association (CPCA) and Associate Member (#3285) with Professional Counselors Association (PCA).

What does Holistic Skin Care really mean?

At Derma Bright Clinic our core philosophy centres on holistic skin care, but what does that really mean? For starters, we believe that great skin starts from within. How you treat your body will have an affect on how your skin looks. So part of our process involves understanding:

  • What is your diet like?
  • What type of lifestyle do you live?
  • Do you smoke, drink or take drugs?
  • How much stress do you deal with daily?
  • What are your exercise goals and routines?
  • How do you sleep?
  • How much water do  you drink?

All of these things will affect your skin and so it is important for us to understand where you are on this list. If any of these areas are an issue, we have onsite resources to assist including Holistic Nutritionists, a Naturopath, nurses and Personal Trainers. We can also refer other specialty resources such as Hypnotherapists, Physical Therapists and others.

Once we ascertain the above, we will develop a skin care plan regimen that addresses your skin care goals and concerns. This plan will include suggested treatment options including Time Blocks, SkinDNA testing, Machine treatments such as the LPG, Oxylight, Juvesa or the Bemer, and a suggested home care routine of supplements and skin care products. This multi-pronged approach is a holistic or whole body approach!

Another cornerstone to our philosophy is skin care product ingredients. We have taken the time to source and offer skin care products that meet high standards for their performance and are good for your skin and general health. This can include natural, paraben-free, Vegan, organic, or dermaceutical-grade. We encourage our clients to read labels and really understand what is in the products they use for their skin, beauty and hair routines. Our skin is our largest organ and what you put on your skin goes into your body so BE AWARE and CARE!

At Derma Bright Clinic, our passion is helping our clients achieve healthy, bright skin and ultimately a state of well being. Every day we speak with clients who are unhappy with the general state of their skin. They are looking for things that can help them regain that glow and feel better about how they look. This is a list of some of the areas we can help with:

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