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Our passion is helping our clients achieve healthy bright skin! Our focus is Anti-aging and Acne; we customize our professional treatments with a holistic approach & leading edge, non-invasive technology!


I started Derma Bright Clinic in 2012 after embarking on a journey of health and awareness that began in 2003, after the birth of my son. As part of this health journey to improve my overall health I was visiting a holistic doctor and had some basic tests done, including a heavy metals test. That test showed I had off the charts lead in my body! I was stunned! Where did it come from?

As I started to do some research I had won a book from the David Suzuki Foundation entitled “Not Just a Pretty Face – The Ugly Side of the Beauty Industry” by Stacy Malkan of the EWG. This book pointed to cosmetics and beauty products containing possible unhealthy ingredients including lead in lipstick. This infuriated me! How could these companies create toxic products??

Through a series of events later I found myself in front of the esthetic machines we now use. They helped me with my melasma (brown spots on my face) a result of my pregnancy, getting rid of it without the need for any more treatments. Between these two events, I decided to create a business that treats skin in a natural holistic manner while educating people around the responsible use of personal care products.

Derma Bright Clinic is a result of this journey! In 2016 I wrote “Face Your Acne”, available on Amazon, and we launched http://www.myskinsalon.com where we educate about and sell clean products. I am also known as the Queen of Living Clean, and use this as a vehicle to speak and hold workshops sharing with others how to “Clean Up Your Life!”

In 2015 our co-tenants moved and I decided to bring in a number of other like-minded practitioners under the guise of “Holistica Wellness” and have become more of a wellness centre over the last few years.

With all we do we make great efforts to provide a caring, healing and healthy environment sharing our wisdom to help our clients achieve their best and brightest skin and overall improved wellbeing!

Love and light,

Estrellita, Owner, Derma Bright Clinic


Proud Member of:

Green Spa Network

Menopause Chicks – Featured Expert

EWG and Campaign for Safe Cosmetics


We want to help the world achieve youthful, healthy and bright skin! With a focus on Anti-aging and Acne, we offer a holistic approach using professionals, leading edge, non-invasive technology and “clean”, treatment-oriented skin care products and services!


We are a leading skincare service provider incorporating advanced non-invasive technology, services, products, sustainable practices and above-standard service.


Well-being: We believe in providing an experience which contributes to the overall well-being of our clients. We are also taking a stand against the use of harmful ingredients in cosmetic products and are on a mission to educate and assist our clients in making sound choices when it comes to purchasing beauty products.

Sustainability: We believe we have to change our ways when it comes to how we use our earth. With this in mind we employ sustainable practices and use only what we need, focusing on “clean”, natural, organic and chemical-free products and buying local whenever we can. Some other practices include using organic Bamboo towels, biodegradable aesthetic gauze and eco-friendly cleaning supplies to keep treatment rooms and equipment sanitary and safe.

Community: We support our local community by buying local first, affiliating with other local businesses and supporting local and international charities focused on children and women. We aim for a triple bottom line approach that includes sound economic, social and environmental practices. We currently support the following charities through volunteering and donations:

  • Beauty Night Society
  • Child Foundation
  • Kiva
  • World Vision
  • Vancouver Food Bank
  • Unicef

Innovation: We look for innovation in all aspects of our business, from our technology and devices to the services we provide. We recognize our clients are savvy and knowledgeable when it comes to life and we want to honour that by offering them unique services;

Integrity: We do what we say and do it with conviction, strength and passion;

People: We treat people with respect, dignity and the way we want to be treated;

Service: We are passionate and committed to delivering service that is second to none.


Estrellita “Estie” Gonzalez, BBA
Director & Owner
Derma Bright Clinic is a culmination of my ideas and experiences earned through self development, travel and life really. I started the company after several years into a health and wellness journey. Although I am not an Aesthetician I saw what was happening in the industry with changes coming in technology and the market regarding anti-aging and better health. I am a former senior manager and executive and apply my marketing, HR and operations skills daily to the running of Derma Bright Clinic!
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Desiree Panico
Client Liaison and Aesthetician
Desiree was born in South Africa where she owned and operated an aesthetics business for 20 years. She moved to Canada over 15 years ago and has now returned to her aesthetics roots with Derma Bright Clinic. She is our client liaison taking care of the front desk and also works as an Aesthetician. Her areas of expertise include Facials, Waxing, LPG and Massage.
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Kadi Chams
Kadi is an Aesthetician and massage practitioner with many years of experience dedicated to skin, body and hair improvement. She graduated from a Body and Facial Aesthetics College (SENAC) and a hairstylist institute (Nonaka) in Brasil. Kadi worked for clinics and beauty salons and managed her own business in Brazil for over ten years before immigrating to Canada. Her knowledge and techniques include Biological and Enzyme Peeling, Deep Cleansing, Lymphatic Drainage, Micro-current, Lifting and Electro-lifting for face treatments as well as Isometric Exercise, Mesotherapy, Gommage, Thermotherapy, Cryotherapy, and Lymphatic Drainage for body treatments. Her massage is based on Relaxation and Shiatsu and she is well-versed in Reiki.
Aesthetician: Mobile & In-Clinic
Kalpana Jadav
Kalpana is a fully-certified Aesthetician with 10+ years of experience. Prior to joining Derma Bright Clinic, Kalpana worked at Linda's Urban Spa on Broadway/Trafalgar and Le Petite Spa on Alma and Broadway. Her specialties include facials, waxing, threading, eyebrow shaping, lash tinting, body scrubs/wraps, pedicures and manicures.
Selena Chan
Peels Specialist
Selena is a Clinical Therapist and Educator with over 15 years of experience in medical aesthetics. She was professionally trained and certified in Vancouver, BC as well as abroad in Germany. She is passionate in pursuing the value of natural beauty. Her valued customers have given her the ability to work instinctively with many natural skin therapies. Selena is considered the expert in Vancouver in natural herbal based Peels.
Dr. Rose Wong
Botox and Dermal Injector
Dr Rose is a Family Physician practicing in Vancouver. She graduated from Trinity College Dublin with her medical degree in 2006. She trained as an internist in Dublin for several years before returning to Canada to complete her residency In Family Medicine at the University of Saskatchewan. Her focus today is Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine, of which Medical Aesthetics and Hormone Therapy is a major component of it. As she comments, “ I have been practicing cosmetic medicine for the past 4 years and absolutely love what I do. I aim to bring about positive transformation and enhancements to my patients’ lives from the inside out. Seeing them gain more confidence by elegantly enhancing their natural beauty is very rewarding to me. I am very skilled with Botox and fillers and practice the MD codes taught by world renowned Dr Mauricio de Maio at the Allergan Medical Institute.”
Lucas Chey
Cosmetic Procedure Consultant
Lucas Chey, a Korean-trained Dermatologist, is our Cosmetic Consultant in relation to more advanced skin services related to Acne scars and Anti-aging. He brings a truly medical component to our business coupled with very high-end medical technology including HIFU and Radio Frequency (RF) and the Intracel machine from Korea. Lucas is a specialist in skin and this effective technology. He is available for consultations to determine if your skin issues can be a fit using this technology. Lucas's credentials include: •Seoul National University Graduate(South Korea) Masters degree/PhD •Medical License 1996 / Dermatology specialist 2004 (Licensed in South Korea) •Seoul Dermatology Clinic (2004-2011) •Singapore Raffles Hospital (2012-2014) •Korean Dermatology Association Board Member •Korean Dermatologist Society Member •Korean Cosmetic Laser Society Member •American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine Member •American Academy of Dermatology Member •DC Skin & Laser Centre Clinic Director (Richmond, BC)
Cosmetic Procedure Consultant
Suzanna Van
Cupping Practitioner
Suzanna Van is a Cupping Practitioner and Doula. She worked previously as a Registered Nurse for 30 years in pediatric rehabilitation, maternity and gynecology surgery. Her decades of experience in the public health system has emphasized for her the importance of prevention, a mindset that inspires her current Doula and cupping therapy practice. Suzanna uses Cupping Therapy Plus, a unique modality combining ancient Chinese techniques along with modern cell enhancement technology. This natural and non-invasive approach brings clients all the benefits of acupressure, acupuncture, reflexology and deep tissue massage. Common treatments include breast and buttock enhancement, body detoxification, reflexology and facial rejuvenation.
Natalie Fischer
Electrolysis Expert
A graduate of the Canadian electrolysis College in New Westminster, Natalie has been practicing electrolysis since 2003. An active member of the association of Professional Electrologists of BC [TAPEBC], and past president of the association, Natalie is a professional in every way, ensuring that each client receives the most gentle, precise and effective treatment every time. Her goal is to make permanent hair removal possible for everyone. “Self confidence is so important, I can help”.
Shalini Gambhir
Cancer Therapist & Registered Holistic Nutritionist
With over 10 years combined experience in cancer hospital settings and integrative holistic clinics, Shalini has a unique approach to healing for those diagnosed with cancer. She empowers them with a knowledgeable and caring voice to summon food as a powerful driver of medicine. She guides her clients through the profound relationship between the mind, body, and soul elements of Ayurveda (an ancient natural healing system with its roots embedded in the Vedic culture of India). Conscious that each individual is unique, her approach is rooted in evidence-based practice, ancient healing wisdom, and intentional listening to the body’s innate restorative patterns. She began as a Medical Radiation Therapist and has worked with some of the most innovative Oncology teams around the globe. Today she speaks, writes, facilitates workshops, coaches, and supports people with their post cancer treatment plans and educates about cancer prevention.
Molly Lee
Energizing Nutrition
Molly Lee, CHHC, is the founder and director of Energizing Nutrition, an international holistic health and wellness practice based in Vancouver, Canada. Molly’s passion is helping individuals thrive to their fullest potential and lead happier, healthier lives. She has been featured as a health expert in global publications such as Redbook, Glamour and Muscle and Fitness Magazine and is the author of Energizing Nutrition: A New Food Paradigm. For more information, please visit: www.EnergizingNutrition.com *$50 Special promotion: Dermabright clients receive special rate for their first visit, an 1 hr. initial holistic health and nutrition consultation with Molly (regularly $175) The 1 hr. initial consultation includes a full health history, complete nutritional assessment and discussion of a personalized health and nutrition program catered towards your specific needs and goals. To book an initial consultation, email: molly@energizingnutrition.com or Ph: (604) 445 - 7875

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